Italy compulsory vaccination for people over 50


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Council of Ministers Italy It passed a decree on Wednesday to approve the compulsory vaccinations against the coronavirus for people over the age of 50. This is a measure designed to relieve pressure on hospitals and control infections to protect the population.

Sources from the government headquarters confirmed this, saying that public and private employees will have to Show your enhanced health certificate from February 15th (It can only be obtained after being vaccinated or infected with a disease) to get their job.

The remaining people over 50 years old must be vaccinated even if they are not working.

The Council of Ministers has also been extended Obligation to vaccinate university personnelRegardless of his age, he is equated with school personnel. They have to do this since mid-December and approved the school’s isolation guidelines to ensure that face-to-face classes are conducted safely from January 10.

According to sources, Prime Minister Mario Draghi pointed out in a meeting with ministers that the population needs to be vaccinated to control the pandemic.

“Today’s measurement They want to maintain the normal operation of the hospital At the same time, keep schools and businesses open. We want to stop the growth of the infection curve and promote vaccination of Italians who have not yet been vaccinated,” Draghi said.

“We take action against the age group most likely to be admitted to the hospital to reduce pressure on the hospital and save lives,” he added.

Last week, the government decided that from January 10, except for hotels, ceremonies or festivals, this enhanced health passport must be used to use transportation; now it is required for leisure and dining.

Draghi hopes to expand its use to more activities, such as access to personal care such as banks, public services, hairdressers or beauty centers, as well as shops and shopping centers, but due to the reluctance of certain government forces, it may be possible this Wednesday According to Italian media reports, as the far-right La Liga league, the league interpreted it as a mandatory masked vaccination for everyone.

The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza stated that the decision was made to minimize the number of unvaccinated people because “This is what caused the saturation of the hospital system”, Because “two-thirds of patients hospitalized in ucis and 50% of patients in general wards are not vaccinated.”

Italy recorded a new infection record today, with 190,000 cases in the past 24 hours, and the total number has reached 6.7 million since February 2020.

The death toll was 231, bringing the total to 138,276.

About the event Vaccination, 89.13% of the population At least one dose has been vaccinated over 12 years old and 86.07% have completed the cycle, while the booster dose has been vaccinated to 67.67% of the vaccinable population.

10.98% of children aged 5 to 11 have also received at least one dose, but only 0.01% of children in this group have a complete program.


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