Italy applies health passes to work from today: fines, protests and tensions


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From today, Italy is obliged to submit Health pass to enter the workplace, Which includes antiviral vaccinations or negative tests, which most companies have accepted when certain departments (such as transporters or stevedores) announce strikes and protests.

date October 15 The application of this measure has been announced for a long time, but tensions have increased in recent days, especially because the Mario Draghi government refused to provide free antiviral testing for workers who decided not to vaccinate.

More than 90% of the people who were vaccinated and recovered from the infection, more than 80% of Italians were vaccinated, but about 10% of workers were not vaccinated. Many people protested the need to pay for the exam. It costs 15 euros per 48 hours.

Tensions are expected, especially in ports such as Trieste, where loading and unloading workers have announced mobilization, which may trigger Stopped in the logistics field Because the proportion of unvaccinated employees is close to 40%.

Stefano Puzzer, the leader of the protests against the health pass in the port of Trieste, announced to the media today that “there is no blockade, whoever wants to work will do it”, which eased the already announced tensions.

Today, we will also focus on how the company will manage absences caused by employees who are unable to enter the workplace.

Public sector workers will be punished without pay on the fifth day of absence for failing to present a health pass, while private sector workers will be punished without pay from the first day.

Several demonstrations and rallies against health certificates were also organized. The most important thing will be in Rome. Since neo-fascists infiltrated the CGIL Alliance headquarters, more than 1,000 agents have been mobilized after a dispute last weekend.


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