Italy announces it will reopen its embassy in Kyiv after Easter


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Italy to reopen its embassy in Kyiv just after eastermoved to the Ukrainian city of Lviv after a month and a half of closures due to Russian invasionas Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio decided this Saturday.

“We were the last to leave Kyiv and we will be among the first to return,” Di Maio defended during a meeting with his crisis team, François Fran, now the Italian ambassador to Ukraine in Lviv in eastern Ukraine Chesco Zazzo attended the meeting. nation. The Italian ambassador to Moscow, Giorgio Stalas, also attended the meeting, according to foreign ministry sources.

“It was a gesture of support for the Ukrainian people and a way of showing that diplomacy must prevail,” defended Italy’s foreign affairs chief.

Reopening of Kyiv embassy to take place ‘immediately’ after Easteri.e. starting on Sunday of the next week.

And the necessary controls have been put in place “over the next few days” to continue reopening, always in full safety and “in coordination with European partners”.

Di Maio ultimately opted to “increase the pressure” on Russian President Vladimir Putin to sit at the negotiating table while a ceasefire was reached.

On March 1, a week after Russia’s invasion of Italy began, Italy moved its embassy to Lviv, near the Polish border.

Despite the fact that the Italian government intends to remain in Kyiv for as long as possible, despite The rapidly deteriorating situation and security at the time eventually forced the embassy to relocate.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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