Italian study shortened Covid’s quarantine period to 3 to 5 days because of fears that the country will be paralyzed


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The Italian government is studying Reduce the isolation of third-dose vaccine recipients Before fear Micron expansion Paralyzed some activities in the country, currently there are More than 12 million people are isolated By the coronavirus.

The reduction expected to begin in January next year will range from the current 7 to 10 days quarantine (depending on the level of vaccination and other aspects) to Between 3 and 5 days For those who have received a booster dose of the vaccine.

The governor of Lombardy, Atiilio Fontana, explained: “It’s harder for people to be infected with the third dose, so the rules for this category may be revised.”

exist Milan, The country’s capital and economic axis of Lombardy, 75,000 people are in isolation, This is one of 18 Milanese, many of whom are asymptomatic but forced to come into close contact with the positive case. Evening Post.

It is estimated that a total of 2 to 3 million people are currently quarantined at home, and Lombardy and Lazio, whose capital is Rome, will enter the yellow zone next Monday, which is the first zone in the risk classification introduced by the pandemic.

On Monday, they registered in Italy 30,810 infections Compared with 24,883 on Christmas Day in 24 hours, almost half is due to omicron, which is already the first variant in several regions. Compared with the delta variant, its incubation period is shortened, which has prompted research to reduce isolation.

also Ballast activities, such as tourismAccording to the country’s largest employers’ association, due to the cancellation of more than 5 million year-end celebrations, the increase in omicron infections has also caused problems for Covid testing due to the end of the quarantine and the existence of some symptoms.

These areas are taking measures to avoid long waits, such as opening new centers To be tested in the car, This is faster, or in addition to requiring the cooperation of family doctors and pediatricians, through the use of laboratory areas dedicated to Covid-19 testing in public hospitals.

On the 23rd, the Italian government decided to withdraw Mandatory use of masks in open spaces -Must be FFP2-and in public transportation, cinemas, theaters, museums, indoor sports events and stadiums “Pause” the discotheque until January 31st, Among other measures, it is also trying to contain the new wave of coronavirus.


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