Italian strategist and friend of Giorgia Meloni sparks controversy over fascist greeting


Just three days later, the latest controversy in Italy general electionas the protagonist Romano LarusaSecurity Member of the Lombardy Region and former MEP, and also a close strategist and friend of the leader of the Italian Brotherhood, Georgia Melloni, assumed to be the next Prime Minister. A video shows the leader paying tribute to the fascists at the funeral.

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Romano is the younger brother of the former defense minister Ignazio Larusathe party’s founder – whose middle name is Benito – posted a tweet with Meloni, who was already in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, advising to stop shaking hands – “contagion is deadly” , said – but made “Roman tribute, antiviral and antibacterial”.

Romano was present Alberto Stabilini, the history of the far right in Milan. On several occasions, attendees, including Larusa himself, raised their right arms and chanted “Gifts!”.The protagonist denies doing what is seen in the image and assures that he only performs “military rituals” for his “instrumentalized” “old friend”, whom he tells Corriere della Sera.

Romano La Russa, advisor to Giorgia Meloni, pays tribute to fascists at the funeral.

Stabilini, that “old friend”, was a member of the Youth Front, an extinct Italian social movement, the last group of fascists after World War II, of which Meloni was also a member.But Meloni wants to shake off these facts and their impression of her, arriving in recent weeks condemn fascismfrom which Take advantage of announcements Or symbols like the tricolor flame in the Italian Brothers logo itself.

‘The only ones at risk are the left’

In a recent statement to the Efe agency, Meloni described his party this way: “This is Italian conservative. We believe in human freedom and the centrality of the family, in Italian, European and Western cultural identity, in active private Solidarity with society. We have a competent and ready ruling class. If Italians want it, we feel ready to govern.

Asked by those who thought her possible victory posed a threat to democracy, Meloni pointed to her rival: “It’s paradoxical. Our government is led by an unelected prime minister. In the midst of a pandemic , we are seeing unprecedented restrictions on freedom. Yet until now there has been talk of the dangers of democracy (…) no one believes (…) the only thing at risk is the left-wing system of power .

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However, after an event largely in the realm of social networking, the recording doesn’t appear to hurt Meloni’s wishes this Sunday.The person named the other day was the former vice president and former interior minister Matteo Salvini another video.seen in this one Alessio Di GiulioConfederates in Florence, exploiting gypsy women: “September 25 Vote so the league never sees it again“.



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