Italian police complain about having to wear pink masks


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Italian police union files complaint after multiple police stations in the country received pink masks from police officers and asked to change them to other colors “More consistent and sober”like black or white.

Secretary General of the Autonomous Police Union (SAP), Stefano Paoloni, wrote to the head of the regiment, Lamberto Giannini, informing him of the “unusual supply” of pink masks in different police stations across the country.

Specifically, he pointed to situations in Pavia, Varese, Ferrara, Venice, Como (north) or Syracuse (south). Unions in letter asking to know why they received masks of this color Troubleshoot supply.

“It seems clear to us that the importance of the police’s functioning, forcing the government to pay attention to the etiquette of its agents and to refrain from having them carry out their activities in oddly coloured uniform protections,” Paulney denounced.

To this end, he asked a act now” Swap the agent’s pink mask for another color, such as white, blue, navy or black, “to match the uniform” and avoid “possible decoration”.

In addition, the union recalled an October 2019 notice urging law enforcement officers to avoid “the use of substandard clothing to maintain establishment etiquette.”


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