Italian PM criticizes France for exploiting African children and its hypocritical welcome of African immigrants


The left routinely smears its opponents in vicious propaganda campaigns. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is certainly an agitator, but she is not a “fascist” as the left claims. Meloni upholds the rule of law and protects Italy’s borders and sovereignty. Every western leader should do this. As a result, however, it is incessantly maligned by globalist ideologues. She heroically defends herself. Meloni recently criticized France, exposing its pretentious “welcoming” of immigrants as hypocritical in light of its exploitation of Africa and, in particular, African children.

In June, Jihad Watch reported on what appeared to be France’s heroic actions in killing al-Qaeda leader Abdelmalek Droukdel in the Maghreb. Droukedel played a pivotal role in the global jihad in his misleading call for a “gentler and kinder al Qaeda” to expand the reach of Sharia in North Africa. Like the Muslim Brotherhood, his work was highly successful in setting a model for jihadists to set up a fifth column and infiltrate every corner of a society. Droukdel’s death “was a heavy blow to the organization” and improved France’s image. But it turns out that France was busy in Africa with another mission: to exploit Africa’s natural resources.

Meloni exposed France in an interview, accusing it of exploiting the continent’s people and natural resources, saying that France “is still forcing the African nation to hand over 50% of its exports to them.” Then she “held up a photograph of a little boy working in one of the country’s gold mines.” Watch the interview:

The exploitation of France does not stop there. France also collected exorbitant amounts of cash from the UK at the expense of British taxpayers. France has been constantly exploiting the invasion of the UK by illegal Muslim African and Middle Eastern immigrants, while seeing itself as the good guy at welcoming immigrants in need.

Many of these economic immigrants that France has welcomed have not stayed there. They have made their way by the tens of thousands to the UK across the English Channel, and now they are overwhelming Britain. The situation is so dire in the UK that migrants are now being accommodated on cruise ships and in holiday parks. The UK government has also installed these uninvestigated illegals in luxury hotels and small towns.

Meanwhile, France is benefiting economically once again. Once again, the UK will hand over tens of millions of pounds to France to help stop migrants by boat. The new payments add to hundreds of millions already paid to France since 2015. The operation is a huge sham aimed at fooling the public into believing the UK and France are cooperating with each other to stop illegal immigration. The UK-France deal is really just lining France’s pockets as it tries to fool frustrated Brits into thinking its leadership is actually doing something. Last week, it came to light that UK border forces were voluntarily taking migrants by boat from France, which was also voluntarily handing them over. The collusion was reportedly a “routine” occurrence.

Meloni’s view on illegal immigration to France from Africa “is not to take Africans and bring them to Europe. The solution is to free Africans from certain Europeans who exploit them and allow these people to live off what they have.”

Meloni wants the immigrants to stay in their own country instead of making the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean to Italian shores.

The journey to the UK is also treacherous. A migrant recently died in a UK migrant centre. The grossly mismanaged British government long ago lost control of its borders. Now France benefits both from the smuggling of illegal immigrants and from its continued exploitation of African children and the continent’s natural resources.

Last week, “Italy denied entry to a rescue ship carrying more than 230 migrants, only to make them welcome” into exploitative France.

The refusal is part of the new Meloni government regime, which allows only those identified as vulnerable to disembark. He pitted the centrist government of French President Emmanuel Macron against Italy’s right-wing government.

Globalist leaders are making herculean efforts to present themselves as humanitarians, motivated by the purest motives for bringing in the migrants, but their narrative is starting to unravel. They don’t care about human rights. It should be obvious that open-door immigration policies hurt both the migrants attempting these dangerous journeys and the countries that are being illegally invaded. Globalists are power-hungry, agenda-driven Marxists who are adept at smearing their opponents and shutting down free speech to hide their own dark agenda. While globalist France exploits Africans, who is fighting for the lives of black people in Africa, who are being devastated in tribal wars and genocidal persecution against Christians? Will the public wake up before it’s too late?


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