Italian investigating famous scientists and university professors participate in rigging competition


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The Italian Prosecutor’s Office investigated about 30 university teachers and prominent scientists, including professors of biomedical sciences Massimo Galli, One of the country’s most respected voices in health, for Fix public contracts and collect payments in exchange for benefitsAccording to information released by the Italian media on Tuesday.

The Milan Prosecutor’s Office (Northern) filed a complaint with the Pavia (Northern) Police Headquarters in 2018, warning that after the medical courses of the National University of Milan Medical School were recruited in an irregular system, the investigation was carried out by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office (Northern). )conduct.

Of the 33 suspects, 24 are professors from the universities of Milan, Pavia, Turin, Rome and Palermo (south), and 5 researchers and scientific expertsAccording to the Prosecutor’s Office’s assumptions, this will facilitate the election of certain candidates in certain competitions and prevent the display of other people’s resumes.

According to sources, these individuals have allegedly changed dozens of calls for the assignment of the title of chairperson or researcher, suppressing “just principles that should guide public administration.”

Among those surveyed is Gary, one of Italy’s most well-known infectious disease experts. Since the coronavirus pandemic in February last year, he has been frequently interviewed by the Italian media.

Galli is the director of the infectious disease department of the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan He was accused of manipulating four phone calls, including one mentioning a second-level teacher or assistant position in the department of the Milan Hospital where he worked: the position was held by the professor’s close assistant Agostino Riva.

Virologist Massimo Andreoni is also under investigation, Senior Lecturer at La Sapienza University in Rome, Scientific Director of the Italian Society of Infectious Diseases and Chief Physician of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic, suspected of intervening in an opaque manner and participating in the election as a jury member in July 2020, another professor at the University of Turin .

Italian authorities are also trying to clarify whether professors of internal medicine and surgery Riccardo Guidoni It would have been possible to get about 10,000 Euros in exchange for favors in dental work.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office suspected that Ghidoni preferred another candidate for the position of researcher in the Department of Biomedicine and Clinical Sciences at Luigi Sacco Hospital because she, as the chairperson of the committee that must evaluate her courses, would believe that the two candidates would not attend.


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