Italian DJ indicted Conor McGregor on assault charges


I amitalian dj Francesco Facchinetti indicted Conor McGregor for the alleged attack in Rome

Facchinetti claims that the Irishman beat him several times, resulting in a concussion, a broken nose and a torn lip. The 41-year-old musician was with his partner Wilma Faissol at a party, and McGregor was there with him, Dee Devlin

It was claimed that McGregor attacked an Italian who wanted to leave the party but was cornered by the fighter’s friends and bodyguards.

McGregor punched me in the mouth, broke my nose in front of 10 witnesses, Facchinetti said on social media, “his friends and his bodyguards.

“He attacked me for no reason after we talked for two hours and had a good time together. I could shut up and say nothing, but I am telling you.

“He is a very cruel man and dangerous. We see him as a hero, but in reality he is just the worst type of thug. “

The incident took place at the St. Regis, whose staff assured that the police would cooperate fully with them in the investigation, and were released from the security cameras.

According to another DJ present, McGregor was near Facchinetti when suddenly he decided to hit him.

McGregor has not yet commented on the charges.

This is not the first controversy that an Irishman has been involved in. In 2019, he was involved in a similar incident in Dublin, Ireland, when he attacked another customer in a pub.

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