Italian “citizen income” fraud: people who drive Ferraris and yachts receive assistance


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An operation by the Italian Gendarmerie showed that Approximately 5,000 people sensed the phone illegally “Citizen Income”, A very controversial measure against unemployed citizens and caused a fraud of 20 million euros against the country.

According to a note from the gendarmerie, operations in Campania, Puglia, Abruzzo, Molise, and the southern regions of Basilicata have found that 4,839 people have received them without what they deserved. Welfare. There are 2,441 informal wage earners in Naples alone, Among them are the members of Camora.

According to the survey, some of the people receiving this monthly assistance “even own a Ferrari, others own a yacht, several apartments, and one of them owns as many as 27 cars”.

Carabinieros reported that a person from the town of Collepasso (Apulia) announced that six foreign minors had never been registered in the city and had no kinship with his family unit. One couple included relatives living in Germany. .

In Naples, a man from the Stella community is a member of two different families who applied for and received benefits.

Another 41-year-old Naples citizen income beneficiary was arrested at the time of application In the same province, 80 subjects were reported, all of them related to organized crime, and they managed to obtain 852,515.91 euros through illegal statements.

During the operation, a total of 4,839 violations were found, which is equivalent to 12.6% of the controlled ones, and 3,484 people were reported to the magistrate. Of the latter, 38.4% are known to the police.

The discovered violations caused a loss of 19,112,615.72 euros to the improperly expropriated treasury.

Citizen income is a measure introduced by the five-star movement in Giuseppe Conte’s first government The idea of ​​(M5S) is to create subsidies for social exclusion and poverty, but sometimes it is questioned simply because of fraud and obstruction of finding a job.

Although the current Prime Minister Mario Draghi supports this measure, he has changed the parameters. If the job is rejected for the second time, the benefit must be waived.


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