Italian cities may ban demonstrations in their historic centers


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this Italian government A law has been approved allowing the city to ban demonstrations in its historic center and other “sensitive” areas starting Thursday. The measure was in response to pandemic protests that sparked several disputes in the city center.

Minister of the Interior Italy, Luciana Lamorgese, sent an instruction to all representatives of the government tonight in which these measures are said to be necessary frequently Demonstrations against vaccines and health certificates.

Some of these parades are particularly tense in cities such as Milan, Trieste (northern) or the capital. Rome, On the night of October 9, neo-fascists They attacked the government headquarters and the union headquarters Take advantage of protests against vaccines.

Although the possibility of banning demonstrations in the city center was raised at first, the Ministry of the Interior only stated that it was government representatives and the mayor that imposed restrictions on a case-by-case basis.

Specifically, he asked them to study each protest and determine “Sensitive City” That “may be restricted by a temporary ban on public demonstrations.”

This ban must follow the “principle of proportionality,” and protests will also occur in other areas, involving the right to free demonstrations guaranteed by the constitution.

The Ministry explained that in order to ensure the maintenance of public order, protests can be allowed in a “restricted mode”, such as a centralized form of “for example,” that is static or The “ideal” route that avoids the nerve center.

These regulations will be effective during the state of emergency, and the current state of emergency will expire on December 31.


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