It studied the appearance of Queen Letizia on her date with the Spanish language


Closing the agenda for Your Majesty in an atypical week and a very special day. This morning, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia has put a stop to the activities planned for these days with a visit to the Royal Spanish Academy’s headquarters in Madrid. The kings have been responsible for presiding over the celebration of the anniversary document of 70 years of the Association of Academys of the Spanish Language.

A meeting where the strategic projects that the association works in have been made known and also Chronicle of the Spanish language 2021, a work that analyzes the current state of the Spanish language in the Spanish-speaking world. Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (ASALE), is the unit responsible for bringing the different ones together Academies for the Spanish language to promote the unity, integrity and development of the Spanish language. It was created in Mexico in 1951 and brings together the twenty-three companies from America, Spain, the Philippines and Equatorial Guinea. Throughout its history, it has held more than fifteen congresses and is headquartered in Madrid, on the premises of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). Its organization and activities are governed by statutes and regulations, which were approved in Medellín in 2007. ASALE’s motto is: “a lineage, a language and a destiny”.

The Kings at the Royal Academy / Gtres

For this occasion, Doña Letizia has chosen a simple white styling where the main characters have been the details. The queen has chosen a combination of skirt and blouse in a lady’s key, discreet and elegant, made of a slightly oversized blouse with decorative buttons from the company Maksu, which she premiered at last military Easter and later wore at the confirmation Princess Eleanor. She has paired it with a simple black flared skirt that she has fitted with a black Burberry belt, one of her favorites. Like shoes, some hoof shoes made of Manolo blahnik and a Nina Ricci handbag, whose price reaches 1000 euros and which has a golden chain and is made in print. When it comes to jewelry, her inseparable golden ring of Karen hallam on the ring finger on his left hand and some link earrings that he has kept in his jewelry box for several years. When it comes to the beauty look, this time she has chosen to gather her hair in a high ponytail.

While waiting for the House of HM the King to publish the list of planned commitments for members of the royal family over the next seven days, it has emerged that the Queen will travel to Senegal earlier this week. Specific, Mrs. Letizia will travel to Dakar to attend the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in the country. This will not be the first time that Felipe VI’s wife has traveled to Senegal, even though the circumstances of her previous visit were different, on a collaborative journey. A trip that also takes place just a few days after Leonor’s return to Madrid during the Christmas holidays.

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