Israel re-protects its borders to curb the spread of omicron


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Israel closes its borders to all foreigners for two weeks The spread of Covid-19 omicron variants, Of which the first case has occurred in China.

The Inter-Ministerial Coronavirus Cabinet will meet urgently for more than three hours tonight and decide Closing airports for international flights from around the world, And re-imposed mandatory quarantine for Israelis returning to the country, Efe reports.

As a result, Israel became the first country in the world to fully protect its borders from this new variant, and the new restrictions will take effect from Sunday, November 29 to midnight on Monday, November 30, 24 hours after the announcement.

The Ministry of Health confirmed on Friday The first case of infection of the new variant -An Israeli citizen from Malawi-There are currently at least seven other cases of suspected omicron infection.

Israeli citizens returning to the country from abroad will be required to accept Isolate for three days if vaccinated, 7 days if not vaccinated; In both cases, they need to perform negative PCR before leaving the isolation.

For foreigners who can enter Israel under special circumstances, they must be isolated in the so-called quarantine zone. “New Crown Hotel” Subject to state control and close surveillance.

Red list

Yesterday, Israel decided to 50 African countries -All regions except Maghreb and Egypt-On the “red list” before the emergence of the new variant, because it has more than 30 mutations, it is more contagious and resistant, and traveling to and from these places is prohibited, and a fine of 5,000 NIS (1,386 euros) is imposed.

Israelis and permanent residents returning from one of the “red list” countries will have to complete a week of quarantine at the “covid hotel” and then complete a week of quarantine at home.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at the beginning of the meeting: “Those who have not received booster vaccines voluntarily give up this basic protection at critical moments and encourage families to vaccinate children between the ages of five.” On the 11th, Israel started a campaign this week.

The cabinet also decided to restore Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) to take care of Strictly abide by the quarantine regulations By scanning mobile phones for anyone who tests positive after returning from a “red list” country.

The government also decided to reduce the number of people who can meet at public events, from 100 to 50, and present a green passport proving that they are people who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, although these events remain unchanged during the holidays Hanuka , One of the most important calendars in the Jewish calendar, starting tomorrow, Sunday.

Confinement in the Netherlands

The Netherlands enters the “night confinement” this Sunday All non-essential activities will be closed from 5:00 pm local time (16:00 GMT), while waiting for the final results of the investigation into the presence of omicron variants in passengers arriving from South Africa on Friday.

The new restrictions announced by the Dutch government last Friday took effect at 05:00 (04:00 GMT) yesterday morning, including Expanding interpersonal distance and compulsory use of masks In hotels, cinemas and theaters, and other enclosed spaces for public access.

Although the capacity limit of these places has not yet been determined, the obligation to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between people will automatically reduce the number of people indoors.

Shops, hotels, and other places deemed non-essential activities, such as gyms, swimming pools or museums, must be closed at least at 5:00 pm local time (4:00 pm GMT) and at least until 5 am: 00 to reopen (04:00 GMT).

The exceptions mainly apply to supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations, which may close at 8:00 pm (7:00 pm GMT).

more importantly, Although schools are one of the main sources of infection, schools may remain open. But starting tomorrow, students should wear masks when they move, because in the corridors, it is recommended that they take antigen tests twice a week. If they have cold symptoms, they should not go to class.

On the other hand, this Sunday, the Institute of Public Health (RIVM) is expected to clarify the existence of omicrons among the 61 passengers who tested positive after landing in Amsterdam on two flights from South Africa last Friday. Worried about new strains from southern Africa

“It is believed that omicron variants were found in several people under examination. RIVM is now conducting additional analysis. Through these analyses, the existence of omicron variants can be clearly determined,” the Dutch agency emphasized in a press release last night .


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