Israel: In Coordinated Jihad Attacks In Jerusalem, Muslims Kill A Teenager And Injure 19 Others


The “Palestinians” will celebrate the savagery, and the world will condemn Israel and pour more money on the “Palestinians.” What is wrong with this picture?

“Jerusalem Bombings: Teen Killed, 19 Others Wounded,” by Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post, November 23, 2022:

At least one person was killed and 19 injured in two explosions at bus stops at separate entrances to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, in what police are treating as a coordinated double terror attack.

The fatality was identified as 16-year-old Aryeh Shechopek, who was on her way to a yeshiva in a nearby community when the explosion occurred. The Canadian citizen lived in the Har Nof neighborhood of the capital.

Both explosions, one at the entrance to the city near the Central Bus Station and the other in the Ramot neighborhood, occurred at bus stops at rush hour. The explosive devices were said to have been placed in bags left at the stations.

The first explosion, which occurred just after 7 am in Givat Shaul, injured 15 people, including two critically and four others critically.

Magen David Adom said 12 people were transported to hospitals across the city for medical treatment. Six of the injured were evacuated to the Shaare Tzedek Medical Center, two in critical condition, four in serious condition and one with moderate injuries. Five of the moderately injured were transported to Hadassah University Medical Center in Ein Kerem, and one was admitted to Hadassah’s Mount Scopus Hospital in moderate condition.

One of those injured was Naomi Pilichowski, daughter of Uri Pilichowski, a Jerusalem Post columnist and a well-known American-Israeli educator who works at Nefesh B’Nefesh, and Mitzpe Yricho Mayor Aliza Pilichowski. She was slightly injured in the attack.

Avi Biton, the father of another teenager who was seriously injured in the shrapnel attack to the head and stomach, said his son and a friend were sitting on a bench waiting to be taken to their yeshiva when they suddenly heard a huge explosion. who threw them into the air. He said his son saw a suspicious-looking man taking photos of them before disappearing.

Witnesses said they had seen a bag leaning against a wall shortly before the explosion, although these claims have yet to be verified. However, according to N12, the explosion was caused by a device installed on a motorcycle next to the bus stop.

The bombs were detonated remotely and were reportedly packed with nails and bolts to cause maximum casualties. A bus near the scene of the first attack was riddled with bullets, showing the scattering of shrapnel.

After the attack, Road One, the main artery into the capital, was closed to incoming traffic from Tel Aviv for several hours.

The second explosion near the Ramot intersection in northern Jerusalem took place several moments after the initial blast. Three people were slightly injured in that attack.

The second explosive device was likely installed on the fence, according to a report by N12.

Police, security officers, reconstruct the image of the events.

Following an initial investigation at both scenes, police are treating the two explosions as a coordinated joint attack and are searching the entire city for additional explosive devices…


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