Isabel Preysler: Three great plays that marked her life


talk Isabel Pressler It has made it one of the most powerful characters in pink media over the past few decades. This is the honor she has established for herself over the years.From her young-sounding love to becoming the matriarch of one of the most powerful and well-known families in Spain and Spain PhilippinesDespite this, the socialite has been trying to stop her private life, but it has not always been successful.

Whenever you think of her, a faithful representative of the jet, an aspiring and noble woman will come to mind. But like all people who lend money to themselves, coins are not always expensive, and life has turned around many times.The last one, with His mother’s death, Beatrice Alastia, 98 years old. Sadly, this is not the only blow.

Isabel Preysler knew from the cradle what it was like to belong to the upper class. His parents, Carlos Presler And Beatriz Arrastia, mentioned earlier, are the two most important people in the Philippines. He held management positions in Philippine Airlines and represented Credit Bank of Spain in Manila; her career focused on real estate business and caring for children.


But unfortunately not understanding the descent, this family had to participate in an unusual force like this.Enrique, known among his people Ricky’, died at the age of 25. He was found dead in a hotel in Hong Kong. At first it was speculated that he might have died from the effects of the drug, but it was later proved that his problem was due to a technical failure and he inhaled carbon monoxide from the stove.

That incident dyed the reality of the family black, which should still be regrettable for another similar incident.Isabel Preysler lost her brother CharlieYes, this time, the victim of toxic substances: «My brother took drugs. Some soulless people sell drugs in front of the school,” Pressler himself told’Vanitatis’. They have seen him addicted in only 16 years, but his addiction is unstoppable.

A far cry from the neatness and perfection surrounding his sister, Carlos is much more willful than Isabel and has served five years in Manila prison for fraud. However, the main cause of death was liver tumors, and he could only live for three months. Isabel Preysler has another sister to lose: Beatrice, He was diagnosed with lung cancer, which he could not overcome at the age of 53.

Isabel Pressler and Miguel Boyer/Gtres
Isabel Pressler and Miguel Boyer/Gtres

The shadow of death knocked on the door again, this time to take Isabel Pressler from her husband. Miguel Boyer He died of pulmonary embolism on September 29, 2014, at the age of 75. In 2012, he suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and is currently recovering. For Filipinos who now have to bury their mothers, this is a pot of cold water.

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