Isabel Preysler reveals Tamara Falcó is honest after Íñigo Onieva’s last pardon


October 10 has become a day in the calendar marked in a special way by the people of Madrid. On the same afternoon, the 2022 Madrid Award ceremony was held at the Teatro Real. Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida One of the most prominent figures in recent weeks, Mario Vargas Llosa, has received no more and no less awards due to sentimental dealings with his partner’s daughter, Tamara Falco.

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa at the event / Gtres

Around 7:00 p.m., accompanied by Isabel Preysler, Nobel Prize Was in the aforementioned enclave, and didn’t hesitate to talk about the importance of getting such a special tribute: “I’m delighted to receive it, I’m an old man from Madrid, but it’s a confirmation of my role from Madrid. This is a city where no one is a foreigner, because the Madrid people have the extraordinary advantage of seeing all who come from abroad as their brothers, and I experienced that experience in a very direct and profound way. Isabelle too Madrid,” she said first, before passing the baton to her partner, who admitted she had always wanted Mario “to live in Madrid”.

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa at the event / Gtres
Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa at the event / Gtres

On the other hand, also known asQueen of HeartsShe also spoke about the situation her daughter has been in due to the love disappointment that ex-fiancé Íñigo Onieva has suffered in recent days: “We are peaceful, peaceful at home.As long as my kids are calm and Tamara is calm, so am Ishe confessed that she was visibly happy and relaxed despite her family being caught up in the media storm. He made it clear that he had no chance to see the businessman’s last words, in which he again apologized to his ex-girlfriend and family : “I just woke up with the flu and I’ve been without TV and nothing but I’m going to watch it now.Very good in my opinion, very affectionate and correct”, he points out, referring to Íñigo’s fault after his infidelity.

Still, Isabel wants to make it clear that Tamara seems to have overcome the love pothole:”She was calm and nice, which was a relief.I’m already fine, as long as I see my kids are fine, I’m fine too‘, she settled down and prepared for the show she was invited to, thus ending all the comments about the Marquise of Grignon, telling the truth about how she feels today in first person.

Xandra Falcó at the event / Gtres
Xandra Falcó at the event / Gtres

Another great support

He also participated in the same event Sandra Falcoalthough at first she didn’t want to reveal anything about her sister, she was finally persuaded by the media: “Tamara is calm, she’s fine, I think she needs to be calm (…) She’s in a delicate moment. , she is dealing with it divinely (…) She has made her own decision and is happy and content with it, I love Íñigo,” she noted, not wanting to elaborate.


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