Isabel Pantoya mourns the death of her friend “I will take you forever”

Social networks have become Isabel Pantoya Communicate with his followers. Since she retired in Cantora, the singer usually uses her Instagram profile to share news about her career and share more personal information.After more than a week of silence, this Tuesday, the artist shared a new post in which she Mourning the loss of a good friend.

Isabel Pantoja has a few good words for the tailor Marcelina Fernández, better known as Lina, A key woman in her art and career, because some of her most iconic looks come from her hands. «Goodbye, Lena. You are the first person to dress me. And I will always take you. I love you forever”, It can be read in the publication, which has two photos of them appearing together, which clearly shows that their friendship is ancient. In the first, which seemed to be the most recent snapshot, Kiko Rivera’s mother seemed to embrace Lina affectionately, and in the second, she returned to her starting point as a singer.

It is well known in Seville that Lina not only designed Isabel Pantoja’s wedding dress or some of her tonadillera costumes, but also designed her son Kiko’s Christian costumes and the clothes she wore in the movie “Yo soy esa”.In addition, he also signed some designs Rocío Jurado or María del Monte They are shining on the stage. He also fell in love with this technology outside Spain, because designer John Galliano, who had worked for big companies such as Dior or Givenchy, visited his studio to learn how to make Bata Coke.

Lena dresses up for Isabel Pantoja’s wedding / Gtres

The great Spanish heroine is not the only one wearing some flamenco costumes. The Seville people dress up for Queen Sofia when they visit the village of El Rocío, Grace Kelly during a visit to the April Fair There is also the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri, because her parents used their stay in Seville to visit artisans during the filming of “Day and Night”.

Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly during a visit to the April 1966 Fair / Gtres

There is no doubt that this is very sad news for Isabel Pantoja, who has been away from her son Kiko Rivera for nearly a year. Seclusion in Finca Cantora, a property that has become a point of conflict between mother and child, “Marinero de Luces” lives with her only brother Agustín Pantoja and her mother Doña Ana. The last group of people, outside in the core, was her daughter Isa Pantoja. She said after talking to her on her birthday in August last year that she hadn’t noticed her well. «I see her sad But this is normal, because his situation is very ugly,” he explained.

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