Isabel Pantoja’s mother discharged from the hospital


After the storm, there is calm. Isabel Pantoya The best news was received because his mother Donna Anna was discharged from the hospital three days ago, as announced reason. The above-mentioned media revealed that respiratory diseases were the reason why Anna Martin received medical care.That’s it, grandma’s Chico rivera He has been resting with his family in Finca in Sidonia, Medina.

Isabel Pantoja and her mother Dona Ana in the file picture. /Gtres

A week ago, this news triggered all alarms about the health of the singer’s mother. Chico Hernandez, Revealed in the live broadcast of “Save Me” that the matriarch suffered a setback and she had to stay in the hospital. “Have Worry With Isabel Pantoja’s mother, he started in the format of his work.

Isabel Pantoja and her mother Dona Ana in the file picture.  /Gtres
Isabel Pantoja and her mother Dona Ana in the file picture. /Gtres

He also added that a nurse gave him a “ghost part”. Due to this unfortunate situation, Tertullian immediately called Chico Rivera, because he knew that he had nothing to do with his mother, so he probably didn’t know anything about his grandmother. “It upsets me And notice that he is far away,” Hernandez revealed the reaction of Pakiri’s youngest son. At the moment Kiko told the singer what had happened, he left “run out of the studio where he was, trying to find And explain something to him. “

«Many of you asked about my grandmother’s health.withOr I don’t know… You already know that I don’t talk to my family, and no one has warned me.I found out like all of you,” Kiko Rivera said. “My cousin and I AnnabelWe were talking about it yesterday…it makes me a little anxious, really”, he added worryingly. Isa Pantoya’s brother explained to his followers that in the face of this complicated situation, “I I really don’t know what to do. “Let’s see if we can find out the answer in a more accurate way, although well, that’s it… I don’t know what to tell you. This is a very strange situation,” Irene Rosales’ husband said.

Doña Ana and Isa Pantoja in the file image.  /Gtres
Doña Ana and Isa Pantoja in the file image. /Gtres

There is no doubt that the secrecy of Isabell Pantoja’s mother’s health has always been the trend, which is not surprising, because the artist has remained absolutely silent since he distanced himself from his son about a year ago.

On the other hand, Raquel Bollo admitted at the Showcase Awards yesterday that she does not know the situation of her friends and her mother. “To be honest, I did speak to her on her birthday-she was referring to tonadillera-but because I called my grandma, the phone was not connected. I don’t know anything at all. I understand that she is now at a time when she doesn’t want to know anything, she will be by her mother’s side as usual, and I hope to know something as soon as possible, the truth,” he admitted.

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