Isabel Pantoja sets off alarm bells by going to the hospital suddenly


When barely a month has passed since Kiko Rivera was urgently admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville as a result of a stroke, now the one who has set off the alarms has been his mother. During this same afternoon and in full broadcast of Save mejournalist José Antonio León asked for a step to reveal that Isabel Pantoja had gone to a clinic in the City of Seville in the company of his brother Agustín.

José Antonio León in ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

As it could not be otherwise, the reporter has traveled to the enclave in question to find out more details about the tonadillera’s hospital visit: “I am at the doors of the Infanta Luisa”, he began announcing, hinting that the interpreter of light sailor she had been seen by several witnesses going to the trauma area “complaining of pain” that has not yet been identified by the press.

What would have attracted the most attention is that far from trying to go unnoticed, Isa Pantoja’s mother has reappeared with a completely normal rhythm and without lightening her step when she sees people: “It was normal for him to attract attention because he hasn’t taken off his glasses and his brother was wearing a tracksuit… It was very easy to recognize the two of them”, the communicator confessed through some witnesses present, who Apparently they would have complained because “perhaps they have slipped it” in order to avoid unwanted questions for the two protagonists in question by the media.

José Antonio León in 'Save me' / Telecinco
José Antonio León in ‘Save me’ / Telecinco

Taking into account the sports outfit of the brother of the widow of Francisco Rivera, it should be noted that perhaps it is an urgent situation for which Isabel and her closest friends have not hesitated to leave Cantora behind to be attended by the relevant professionals. Nevertheless, we will have to wait for the hours, and perhaps the days, to go by to really know what the problem has been that has made Isabel leave her apparent retreat in Medina Sidonia to deal with a question that turns out to be a mystery for the moment.

Isabel Pantoja with her brother Agustín at the Jerez / Gtres airport
Isabel Pantoja with her brother Agustín at the Jerez / Gtres airport

Be that as it may, the truth is that even at a difficult time that Isabel could be going through, everything indicates that her relationship with her son continues to be as cold as in recent months. There have been many attempts by the artist and her daughter to get closer to the DJ, especially as a result of the stroke she suffered, however, and with the sole objective of not altering her state of mind, Kiko has chosen to take refuge in her home from Castilleja de la Cuesta with his daughters and his wife, Irene Rosales, who has already become a fundamental pillar of his day to day. So much so, that in his last public interventions, Cayetano Rivera’s brother has remained firm in his convictions and without any intention of taking a step back as far as the family is concerned.


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