Isabel Pantoja sees the light: resumes her tour of the United States


It seems that Isabel Pantoja see the light at the end of the tunnel. After several inconveniences and days of uncertainty, the expected tour of the United States. The problems that forced her to postpone it have been resolved, since the visa to make the trip is approved. In this way, all that remains is for him to receive the document that will allow him to continue complying another of his dreams.

Isabel Pantoja very excited / Gtres

has been this bureaucratic inconvenience for which he has had to postpone the concerts. Last November 13 was when he planned to give the first musical show in New York, but it could not be. It will be in February and not in March when Isabel Pantoja when the tour finally starts.

Isabel Pantoja on stage / Gtres
Isabel Pantoja on stage / Gtres

“They have told me that yes, that the visa was there, but the paper is still not there, we have not received it. It goes to February because there is no more time, but there were no dates yet. Now we have to rearm the dates. She is delighted that she has her visa and the tour is going to take place”, has declared in Ana Rosa’s program Eduardo Güervos, promoter of Isabel Pantoja’s tour in the United States.

Isabel Pantoja singing / Gtres
Isabel Pantoja singing / Gtres

After the Latin American tour was a success. Isabel Pantoja had deposited all her illusions in this new professional challenge. Despite the days of uncertainty that she has had to go through until she has been able to obtain the necessary papers, it can be said that the interpreter of light sailor You can breathe easy again.

In recent times, Isabel Pantoja has stayed away from the media after her estrangement with her son Kiko Rivera, who is recovering from the stroke that he suffered just a few weeks ago. However, as she was recovering from this family setback, she returned with emotion to the professional commitments that she had marked in your schedule.

US tour statement

For the greater peace of mind of the artist’s fans, the team that works with her has issued a statement clarifying the situation that has once again placed the mother of the artist in the eye of the hurricane. Kiko Rivera.

«As the Booking office of the ‘Fall in love’ Tour of the artist Doña Isabel Pantoja, in the United States on the dates of November 11 to December 10, 2022. We want to send, above all, a message of tranquility to all the fans and the public beloved of Isabel Pantoja and Remark that the tour is not in danger of cancellation. It is necessary to emphasize that the I-29 visa petition requested for Isabel Pantoja has been granted by the United States Department of Immigration. Only the last stamping step of his life remains to be completed at the United States Consulate in Madrid, which is done through an interview»reads the letter.


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