Isabel Pantoja leaves Cantora out of concern for her brother


Thursday afternoon has started in the worst way for the Pantoja clan. Save me began its daily broadcast revealing top concern around Isabel Pantoja’s brother, Bernardo, admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, which is why some of his loved ones such as Anabel, Isabel and Augustine They have not hesitated to go to the mentioned center to stay next to him in this pothole so complicated of their life.

Set of ‘Save me’.

Despite the fact that the father of the former contestant of survivors He has been fighting for months against some complications derived from the diabetes he suffers from, the truth is that his health It could currently be critical, which is why his closest friends have not hesitated to travel to the enclave where he is to give you all your supportwhile these unexpected movements have set off alarm bells in all corners of the country.

Bernardo Pantoja, Junco
Bernardo Pantoja, the father of Anabel Pantoja, with his wife, Junco.

José Antonio León has been in charge of communicating live each of the movements that were in the vicinity of the hospital, confirming that it was last night when Omar Sánchez’s ex was seen at the health center to stay by the side of his father before a 180 degree turn in his extremely worrying health. A few hours later, It was Isabel Pantoja who did the same, although without raising many suspicions around her.. Something that has drawn particular attention and that has made the concern even more extreme, if possible, since despite spending months locked up in Cantora with Agustín and with no intention of leaving their home to avoid uncomfortable questions from the press, the interpreter of Fall in love he has left his home behind to lend a hand to his brother in what could be one of the most tragic situations of his life.

Kiko Rivera
Kiko Rivera in a car.

Kiko Rivera, the great “forgotten”

Although the DJ maintains a very good relationship with his uncle, the truth is that there has been no sign of his presence at the aforementioned hospital. Something that has been quite strange and for which Rafa Mora has contacted Kiko, revealing later that Irene Rosales’s husband was completely unaware of a worsening in Bernardo’s state of health, much less that it was something so serious as to require his presence. In this way, it has been shown that perhaps the people present in the Virgen del Rocío preferred dispense with the company of the son of the tonadillera, either for personal reasons or not to alter his state of mind after what have suffered a stroke and taking into account that he is immersed in the process of recovery, both physically and mentally, which is why it is preferable that he not receive news that could upset him. However, it is expected that, whatever happens, Rivera will travel to the Seville City to be with his uncle, brother of Isabel Pantoja.


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