Isabel Pantoja: Confronting Augustine Pantoja for her son Kico Rivera

Absolutely crazy time in Cantora.die Mrs. Anna Martin It completely changed the scene and meant a turning point for all members of the clan. Anabel Pantoja’s wedding in the Canary Islands has been a background and mitigating factor for the more chaotic situation.she and Chico riveraLike Isa Pantoja, they did not hesitate to move from the island of La Graciosa to the Cadiz farm in Medina Sidonia.A historic visit, because whatever support they want to give to their family, it meansIsabel Pantoja and her son’s reunion After a year of dog face confrontation.

At 1:30 in the morning, they appeared at tonadillera’s home in the enthusiastic anticipation of the media. Kiko said during her last visit to Deluxe: “When my grandmother is away, I will set foot on Cantora again.” The fact is also true, even though it means fierce disputes between the brothers. Agustin and Isabel strongly opposed When the DJ revealed that he planned to travel to Cantora, he would go to Cantora with his mother, but his mother had not yet been cremated.

Singer Isabel Pantoja and Agustín Pantoja attend the trial in Chiclana

The public dispute between Agustín Pantoja and Kiko Rivera in court was in the public domain. Who is the singer doesn’t even want to see him, and refuses to let in toadillera’s son while he is there.At that time Isabel was completely destroyed by her mother’s death, and she stood up to show her face for her eldest son. After all, he is his son and he has the right to enter his home. According to Paloma García-Pelayo and Antonio Rossi, this triggered a conflict and eventually Agustin was locked in a room on the ranch to avoid meeting with his nephew and possible tension situation. Anna Rosa Project. This is not that day.

Unlike her sister and cousin, Kiko Rivera did not spend the night there. At around 4:00 in the morning, she left the house with Manuel Cortés. Except for the thumbs-up gesture, he made no statement and ended a very difficult day in various ways. He was reunited with his mother, he hugged her, and they could talk alone Some problems faced a year later. Soon we will know the content of that conversation. It can change everything and promote mother-child reconciliation, which is becoming increasingly impossible every day.

Francisco Rivera Pantoja and Manuel Cortes Bollo enter the Cantora farm
Francisco Rivera Pantoja and Manuel Cortes Bollo enter the Cantora / Gtres farm

This is only the first time face-to-face, and can solve an over-rooted problem. At present, the ashes of Doña Ana are left in Cantora under the clear wishes of her children, and the reporter of Telecinco TV space explained this as Isabel Pantoja’s clear intention to stay in Cantora. Legacy of Discord.

Another controversial point discovered in the Anna Rosa project is Doña Ana Martín (Doña Ana Martín) did not die on September 29th as I heard, but she died at 8:00 the night before, Which is September 28. This is why his body can be cremated after 8:00 pm on the 29th. This problem is no small matter.

Anabel Pantoja e Chabelita enters the Cantora / Gtres farm
Anabel Pantoja e Chabelita enters the Cantora / Gtres farm

Kiko Rivera, Anabel, and Isa Pantoja did not learn about their grandmother’s death from Isabel Pantoja until they learned from the media. On Wednesday morning, Irene Rosales’ husband had just arrived in the Canary Islands, while her sister was heading to the islands.Obviously, I was aware of it before the result It could have avoided such a long transfer to a remote island.

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