Isabel Pantoja blames Junco for the death of her brother Bernardo


Isabel Pantoja does not forgive Junco Takahashi. The tonadillera thinks that the Japanese had a high share of responsibility in the death of her brother. At least that is what the widow of Bernardo Pantoja has maintained, who lost his life last Friday, November 25 at the age of 69, at the Virgen Rocío Hospital, where he remained admitted. His death has reopened old disputes between the members of the controversial family.

Junco attends to the media / Gtres

Always in the shadows and taking care of Bernardo Pantoja, Junco has now wanted to take a step forward. Before his death, the hospital experienced moments of great tension. When the Japanese arrived at the room, she met the singer, who had traveled urgently from Cantora. She threw her out directly, blaming her for the worsening health of her brother: «He told me with his finger pointing at me: ‘You have… How Bernardo is doing is your fault»Takahashi recounted in Save me. Likewise, she complained that she had not been taken into account at all. They did not inform her that her husband was worse, nor did they value her opinion for the burial and everything was left in the hands of her daughter and Isabel Pantoja.

“Isabel told me that I was 85% guilty of Bernardo’s state,” he says in a testimony provided by readings. It must be remembered that Anabel’s father had suffered from diabetes for years and that he had to have one leg amputated in 2017, as well as have surgery on the other a few days before he died. But there is still more. the interpreter of Sailor of Lights did not hesitate to threaten Junco with throw her out of the house in which she currently lives. And he said it in very bad ways: «This house is mine! And when I change the lock, you can’t get in.”reproduces the Japanese bailaora from her conversation with Isabel Pantoja.

Junco and Bernardo Pantoja, walking / Gtres
Junco and Bernardo Pantoja, walking / Gtres

The snubs did not end at the hospital. With the lifeless body of Bernardo Pantoja, problems arrived at the funeral home. Anabel and Antonia Abad “pushed” her friend Cati, which caused a serious altercation inside the wake. To this must be added the boycott suffered cupcake, aunt of the deceased, who wanted to enter to say goodbye to her nephew but was vetoed by Anabel and her mother Merchi. This caused him a picture of anxiety that led to a faint at the doors of the funeral facilities that were picked up by the security cameras. Save me.

Magdalena faints in Bernardo Pantoja's funeral home / Gtres
Magdalena faints in Bernardo Pantoja’s funeral home / Gtres

For whom Junco has had good words is for Anabel Pantoja. “He’s been good, thank God,” she said. A version confirmed by Belén Esteban, a great friend of Yulen Pereira’s girlfriend: «She being there that Junco signs as a widow that she is, Anabel told her: Now you have a widow’s pension. If you need it, tell me I’ll take you to my manager, “she commented. Also, Junco could be afraid of Isabel Pantoja: “He has received calls, he has received visitors at home and he is afraid,” said José Antonio León.


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