Isabel Pantoja approaches Kiko Rivera’s post on anniversary of Paquirri’s death


A year has passed Isabelle Pantoya Yes Chico Rivera publicly displayed their media war Paquirri as an indirect protagonist. Twice a year, the right-handed receives tribute from his widow and son, with bouquets of flowers delivered to the San Fernando Cemetery (Seville) where his remains are laid to rest. The first is on his birthday on March 5, and the second is on September 26 every year to commemorate the death of the bullfighter from a stabbing at the bullring in Córdoba, Pozzo Blanco, Andalusia.

It has been customary for right-handed relatives to jointly send a bouquet of flowers as a tribute, but that tradition was broken in March 2021, a few months after a conflict between mother and son erupted.emissions singer, toxic legacy, where Kiko pointed out and publicly denounced his mother, they decided to send Paquirri alone on his birthday. They repeated something on September 26, 2021, but now it has completely changed.

Paquirri Tomb of San Fernando (Sevilla) / Gtres

Isabel Pantoja has given in and decided to include her eldest son in the bouquet: “your wife and son” the ribbon wrapping it says. The gesture could signal a reconciliation between them after months of bitter debate. Still, the fact that they still prefer to perform the gesture alone is amazing. For his part, the Seville artist sent another artist on behalf of him and his granddaughters. Likewise, the murderer brothers from Zahara de los Atunes marked their anniversary.

Every year on September 26, it is always an important day, and it is also an important day to elicit a reaction from loved ones. Paquiri. One of those people who won’t miss a date with memories is his son. Chico Rivera He was in the habit of remembering his father on every relevant date. It must be remembered that when his father lost his life, he was only 7 months old, and on several occasions he expressed grief for not being able to share his life with him. On the occasion he offered him a great message, accompanied by one of the few pictures of father and son together: “This is how you left me today 38 years ago and I never feel you again hug or kiss. To this day, as a father of 3 children, my eyes fill with tears again, how it feels to think that you know you will never see your children again. Dad, I love you with my ❤️ wherever you are, I miss you so much…”, he wrote.

Chico Rivera, Pachiri
Kiko Rivera and Paquirri, photo from Isabel Pantoja’s son’s personal album / Instagram: @riverakiko

Kiko Rivera’s publication sparked a reaction from his wife, Erin Rosaleshe remembered who his father-in-law was: «His soul lives in us ♥️».


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