Isabel Pantoja and a personal decadence with a fixed starting point


Probably the morning of November 21, 2014 be remembered for Isabel Pantoja as one of the toughest of her life, and no wonder. After several trials and many controversies, the singer was sentenced by the Court of Malaga for a crime of money laundering during the Malaya case, a procedure through which other well-known faces such as that of Julian Munoz and Maite Zaldivar.

Isabel Pantoja during her imprisonment / Gtres

The imprisonment of the interpreter of Fall in love It was a historical fact on the national scene, especially considering that it was nothing more and nothing less than one of the best-known artists both inside and outside our borders. It is because of that this entrance to the prison of Alcalá de Guadaíra, in Sevilleit became even tougher if possible, especially taking into account the great media pressure to which she was going to be subjected in a very difficult situation on a personal level.

Isabel and Agustin Pantoja
The brothers Isabel and Agustín Pantoja with a mask / Gtres

It was 07:55 in the morning of the day in question when the widow of Francisco Rivera He set foot in prison for the first time, allowing himself to be photographed without any qualms and in the company of his brother. Upon her arrival, Isabel handed over her DNI and the order for her to be imprisoned and then said goodbye to Agustín and kicked off one of the hardest times in her life. From that moment, the singer began to be part of a prison population that had 150 prisoners classified as the least conflictive in the country and that are distributed in a total of 83 cells.

What perhaps he could not imagine is that his time in prison would would last for a year and a half, leaving on March 2, 2016 on probation having served two-thirds of his two-year prison sentence. During that day, a rebirth opened before the eyes of the tonadillera, who could little by little return to her usual life and her typical massive concerts to which her most loyal fans continue to attend despite the bumps she has been forced to attend. to overcome the mother of Kiko Rivera.

Isabel Pantoja in court / Gtres
Isabel Pantoja, very sad in court / Gtres

Having left prison behind and a season to forget, everything pointed to a return to being rosy in Isabel’s life, although nothing could be further from the truth. And it is that, just a few years later, the one who was one of the fundamental pillars of it, his son, turned against him after having discovered alleged lies by his progenitor. A reason that made the artist’s life take a 180 degree turn from which she still does not seem to have recovered, given that she, for the moment, prefers not to appear publicly unless it is for professional purposes.


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