Isabel Díaz Ayuso wears these crochet earrings, betting on Madrid’s craftsmanship


Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Chairman of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, is a reference The Madrid brand that makes handmade crochet earrings has discovered our style. As a role model worthy of emulation and a person who fully supports community business, he has discovered an extraordinary accessory brand for us. Her long red earrings caught the attention of fashion experts. Diaz Ayoso It does not carry accessories from large companies, although it can, but chooses Madrid crafts that everyone can touch. She is the best spokesperson for accessories with such a soul.

BianCrochet is a brand of Madrid earrings worn by Isabel Díaz Ayuso

Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s earrings are always eye-catching, But when we find that your jeweler has enough space to sell jewelry that we can afford, they are precious and made in Spain, you will not be able to resist them. In the difficult times of many local companies, the posture of the president is even worse.Make known to companies that manufacture parts in a certain way Handmade He sold them from Madrid to the whole country, which should be common among politicians and celebrities in this country. Supporting these initiatives fully demonstrates this woman who has successfully established her style and popularity in public opinion polls.

BianCrochet is a discovery by Díaz Ayuso that makes us fall in love. From its online store, we can buy all kinds of handmade, timeless and design style products, which we can’t find anywhere else. The president has worn it many times, and it seems to have brought her good luck. It is a kind of amulet that our family can also have.In every detail slopes Their love is perceived.

Special drawing rights

The best quality earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants, Strong colors, falling in love stones and unique design are the reasons for BianCrochet. Lightweight items suitable for our style, very suitable for work meetings, public events or walks in our city. One of the most versatile, pleasing and eye-catching items.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso wears these crochet earrings, betting on Madrid’s craftsmanship

They are large and light earrings made with a steel base, which is hypoallergenic. A good choice to give us or at a price much less than it looks, About 35 euros, we will get a handmade product And exclusive in Spain is really amazing. We can choose different styles of colors, the red of Díaz Ayuso and the community of Madrid are always a good choice.


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