Isaac Fonseca: “I’m tired of politics and attacks on bullfighting”


Isaac Fonseca (Michoacán, Mexico, 1998), very successful bullfighter – he introduced me Chapu Apaolaza in a task organized by the National Bullfighting League, where he rode – he will take the alternative further August 11 in DaxFrance, protected Jose Maria Manzanares D Andres Roca Reyradiates the pure kindness that dad already wanted—or didn’t want, really— francisco. Believe “many, many” in a good and merciful God. Keep in mind that when you receive a slap, you must turn the other cheek. He is annoyed, without losing his self-control, by the captious ignorance of anti-corrida. We were talking in a bar near Las Ventas, the square where he cut off his ear not too long ago and entered the ring after taking a blow that broke his jaw.

Moment of interview | C. Jordan

Question: Mr. Fonseca, do you believe in God?

BUT: Very much.

Q: What is the God you believe in?

BUT: Wonderful, kind, merciful… I subscribe to everything that the Church says about Him.

Q: After I get slapped, should I turn the other cheek or fight back?

BUT: I think you need to turn the other cheek. After all, when the end comes, you will know, based on the facts, that you are good and not like everyone else.

Q: Will the last be first?

BUT: Of course, and I checked it.

Fonseca, in front of Las Ventas | C. Jordan

Q: Will the truth set us free?

BUT: Of course. It seems silly, but the truth will always be the truth, and vice versa a lie. And lies lead nowhere.

Q: How much truth is there in a bullfight?

BUT: I think that in a bullfight, in a bullfight, the whole truth. Then the same thing happens outside as in the rest of the world: everything is there.

Q: You, when you fight, how do you feel?

BUT: Rarely. First of all, a feeling of fear, nervousness, all these emotions are manifested before leaving the arena, before the exit of the bull. As soon as the animal comes out, it is completely forgotten, and it seems that, based on your preparation and everything that you have prepared, you are letting yourself go.

Q: To paraphrase a poet, bullfighting is a weapon loaded with the future?

BUT: I think so. This has been proven for years. He has been engaged in bullfighting for many years and does not cease to be a standard. Unfortunately, now, with globalization and other things, it seems that they are squeezing us, but as long as there are young people in the world of bullfighting, there will be a future.

Question: one of these days (interview was done on June 16th) gave the steering wheel the judge who banned bullfighting in Mexico City.

BUT: It seems to be, yes, banned, but the matter is very confusing. Why? Because it can be reversed. And this is only as part of the delegation in Mexico City, and not in the whole city, and even more so in the whole country. I made this toast because it was born in me. We and I are tired of bullfighting being politicized and attacked without knowing, without seeing the facts. I think that it is fatal, not only in bullfighting, to want to express an opinion when something is unknown and in this case to forbid it.

Isaac Fonseca poses for Libertad Digital | C. Jordan

Q: What sin should a bullfighter never commit?

BUT: (Count) Hooray! What a question… Now I’m empty, I don’t know what it could be.

Q: I don’t think a bullfighter can be lazy…

BUT: Of course. But wow, you knocked me out with that questionlaughs).

Question: Do you believe in yourself?

BUT: Yes, I believe in myself. But, look, many people say to me: “Evaluate your conditions, think about what you can do …”. I do it, but personally I think that if I do it, I will feel bad. This has been my mindset forever. Now I’m wrestling with myself in the sense that I’m giving a little room to believe in myself, but not reaching for ego, arrogance, or trying to be more. I want to believe that I can achieve something without hurting others.

Fonseca, next to the statue of Luis Miguel Dominguin | C. Jordan

Question: Have you ever stopped doing it?

BUT: No. There were doubts, but not at the level of disbelief. Yes, perhaps at the time when I was wondering if I could do something. Here I doubted in many cases, but without going further.

Question: Do you believe in man?

BUT: Yes Well, it depends… I think we have love. There is yin and yang, right? But I think that love and kindness flourish more in people.

Question: What did you ever believe in and at some point stopped believing?

BUT: (Count) If I sometimes had to invest something in friendships that come suddenly, that you think will last long and fleeting.

Question: What have you never believed in?

BUT: In this you never have to say no: you can always do something.

Q: And finally, what do you disbelieve and would like to believe?

BUT: On my terms. It’s weird, right? (laugh)

Toreador at the time of the interview | C. Jordan


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