Is Wagon R the Perfect Car for Transportation Apps?

Wagon R

Popularity Owing to Cab Hailing services

Suzuki Wagon R is the reigning champion of the cars that are used by Uber, Careem, In Driver, and other cab-hailing services.

In 2016 when services like these were introduced in Pakistan, the sales of Suzuki Wagon R went off the roof due to a divergent array of factors. In the fiscal year, 2017-2108 the sales of this compact and fuel-efficient car increased up to 70%. This was mainly due to the reason that many business-minded people decided to use Wagon R as a commercial investment with the influx of online transportation apps.

This made the tallboy hatchback among the bestselling 1,000cc cars in Pak Suzuki’s line-up and its second-most sold car after Suzuki Mehran for a significant period. In 2018-19 it sold 33,176 units which is its highest sales record.

Every morning on the roads, the number of Suzuki Wagon R is omnipresent. But what are the core factors that make them a reliable and popular choice among the drivers of online transportation services? Let’s unravel the reasons for its prevalence together:

Fuel Efficiency

After the advent of online cab service apps in Pakistan, a lot of jobs were created for people who were living hand to mouth. The bare necessity was your skills as a driver and a car. Some people started driving their cars to earn their bread and butter while some hired other people to drive whom they paid a sum to.

Since monetary savings and commercial use of cars were at the centre of all the high sales, people decided to invest in the Suzuki Wagon R which is considered as one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the price range. It is a value-for-money product with good mileage on every type of fuel.

Preference of JDMs by the Local Consumers

Suzuki wagon R is among the most popular JDM cars used by partners of cab-hailing service apps in Pakistan. Since JDMs are an extremely popular choice among prospective car owners owing to the qualities offered at the sheer price. Therefore, it is among the best used cars.

Whenever we search for the best used cars for sale on any online reselling platform, Wagon R is among the top players in the hefty list due to its numerous pros.

Low Maintenance

One of the main reasons Suzuki Wagon R is so popular is due to the low maintenance it requires to in case it breaks down anywhere or even its routine car maintenance. The spare parts of this car are also readily available in the market so the process to elevate or repair your car is also hassle-free.

As you need proper trainings and tests to pass before driving for any app, there are few Best Driving Courses in Calgary that will not only teach you how to drive properly but also train you to get rid of minor issues of your car. 

Cars that are used for Careem or Uber need to travel large distances daily, minor accidents can happen or even repairs are required as they are considered quite imminent in the cab industry. Therefore, a car like Wagon R is an excellent fit as it can get repairs from any local mechanic in any locality.

Resale Value

Let’s suppose you put up an advertisement with the tag Wagon R vxl for sale interested people will contact you from all over Punjab due to its sheer popularity in the region. Since car-hailing apps operate only in the major and metropolitan cities of Pakistan

Even if it’s a Wagon R vxl for sale other variants of the car, they sell in no time as car enthusiasts still believe it is a good investment.

The Decline in Sales after the Pandemic

After the onset of the pandemic, the whole world halted which resulted in people socially distancing themselves into their homes. This was a very big con from accompanying like Careem or Uber which relies on people traveling in public transport. As the mass hysteria worsened, the sales of cars like Suzuki Wagon R dropped as a result of a domino effect.

Moreover, the introduction of Alto 660cc also diverted a major portion of buyers towards it as it is a better value for money and has better specs. However, despite these factors, the rule of Suzuki Wagon R for taxi services is still unrivalled.

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