Is Tommy Fury afraid of Jake Paul? “This is complete nonsense and do not believe it”


Tflurry of statements between Jake Paul as well as Tommy Fury continues after the Briton failed to enter the United States to fight the celebrity in August.

However, on this occasion, brother Tyson Fury appeared on social networks to clarify why he did not fly to the American continent, and also to answer all those who made up reasons not to box against Jake Paul.

Jake Paul will face Tommy Fury at Madison Square Garden on August 6th.

Words by Tommy Fury

“Lately, on social media, I’ve seen more things about myself than ever before. I just want to make one thing clear, the reason this fight didn’t happen was because I couldn’t get into the country, not because I wasn’t training or out of shape,” Fury said. “I was ready and rarely went out. I was at the airport on Monday morning, with all my equipment, ready to fly in and put on a show on the road.

Fury’s fight was scheduled for August. Madison Square Garden in New YorkHowever, last week the Briton did not show up for the fight promotion, so he had to be suspended.

“I could not get into the country, and therefore this fight did not take place. Forget all this bullshit about me not being ready or not training,” Fury said. “If it didn’t come from me, then don’t believe it, because it’s not true.”

Tommy Fury’s father thinks differently

In Tommy Fury’s explanation, the British boxer mentions that everything related to the fact that he does not train is “pure nonsense”, but with such words he will attack. his father’s words.

John Fury, Tyson and Tommy’s father, said a few days ago that one of the reasons his youngest son didn’t fight was because “he didn’t train“.

For this reason, he was looking for an excuse not to put himself in front of Jake Paul and although this fight is not agreed upon for August, it may take place later, as the American will face Tommy Fury in England and the date is about to be confirmed.


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