Is the novelty from Clint Eastwood up to the mark?


Andres Arconada and Sergio Perez they talk about stencil movies of the week as the last movie Clint Eastwood named Cry male in which a horse breeder, tormented by the death of his wife and son, will have to go to Mexico on a mission to save the son of his former boss. Cry male It is based on a 1975 novel by Richard N. Nash.

Also premieres this week Respect, biopic of Aretha Franklin (Jennifer Hudson), who traces her life from being a child prodigy in Detroit and singing the gospel in a church choir to an international superstar who has won a total of 18 Grammy awards. An ascent story full of struggles and victories stormy personal lifedisagreements and setbacks, which nevertheless led her to commercial success thanks to songs such as Respect, Chain of Fools, Think or A Natural Woman.

Don’t breathe 2 this is a sequel to a horror movie Don’t breathe (2016), blind ex-military which caused damage to the first batch, you will find yourself in trouble again. Then the man managed to forcibly kill several young people who tried to rob his house. Now it seems that a group of friends entered his house, but with very different intentions: they are going to try avenge your unfortunate colleagues, a long time ago in the assault. Director Fede Alvarez (Infernal possession) gives testimony to screenwriter Rodo Sayagez, who will debut behind the cameras. Actor Stephen Lang (Avatar) is repeated as a bloodthirsty blind protagonist.

From Hungary one of the longest-titled films in history comes out, Preparing for an appointment at an unknown time period… Martha, a 40-year-old neurosurgeon, falls in love and leaves behind her brilliant career in the United States return to Budapest at to begin a new life next to the man she loves. She waits in vain for him on the Freedom Bridge, but he does not come to the meeting. Martha then starts desperately looking for him, but when she finally finds him, the love of her life confirms that they saw each other for the first time.

They continue European cinema, this time from Italy with You won’t hate… A son Nazi Holocaust survivor, lives in Trieste, where he works as a surgeon. One day, he begins to question his professional and moral integrity when he refuses to help the victim of a traffic accident he encounters on his way home from work. Soon after, he will hire a young woman as a housekeeper who dangerous skinhead brother

Isiar Bollain premieres Maixabelbased on real events. In 2000 ETA kills Juan Maria Jauregi… Eleven years later, his widow, Maixabel Lasa, receives a request from one of the assassins to speak to her at the Nanklares de la Oca prison in Alava.

From Russia arrives Break, panic on top which recounts the extreme experience of five friends who are preparing to celebrate the New Year in a different way: heading to a remote ski resort for a few days on vacation. During the ascent will be trapped inside the cable car cabin and those that began as days of separation and sports became the most dangerous situation of their lives. Coldness, height and fear of slow death will reveal the true face of each of them and the secrets of their relationship as they struggle to survive.

Night of the Kings puts us in wild prison Self-government of Abidjan, which becomes the arena of a power struggle, as the old “chief” of the prison is forced to give up his place due to illness. On the last night of the full moon, the newcomer is assigned the role of “Roman” and must tell the story to other prisoners, not knowing that it will end in his own death. To stay alive, he begins to tell the story of his fellow criminal in the slums of Abidjan and how he was killed.

Spanish cinema premieres too Burgundy which places us in 1930 when a writer and intellectual Azorin discovered deception This lasted almost 60 years: the life and work of the Spanish Archbishop Antonio Maria Claret, the founder of the Claretinian missionaries, changed. This film reveals the path of this investigation, which leads to the knowledge of the history, thoughts and reliable facts that led to the actions of the archbishop of Cuba, and then, confessor of Queen Elizabeth II

On Movistar We can see Blessed youth comedy about him step to adulthood… Premiere of Blessed Youth, which premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, follows Mo (Gluck), a teenager living in the suburbs of one of the city’s most deprived neighborhoods, who is about to come of age. To survive He obeys the advice of his destroyer best friend. (Pete Davidson), a party-goer, immature and without his older sister’s future ex-boyfriend, who is a very problematic boy who got kicked out of school for bad behavior.

Netflix for its part, premieres Starling… Bearing the loss, Lilly (Melissa McCarthy) refers to a very territorial starling bird that disputes ownership of its garden. This kind of battle becomes a curious way to relive tragedy and awakens in her the courage to rebuild relationships and rediscover the ability to love.

The platform also hosts the premiere of a Brazilian film. Confessions of an invisible girl.Tetê does not feel accepted either in the classroom or at home. When her parents, who are out of work, are forced to move to their grandparents’ home in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, it is 16 year old girl needs to start from scratch at the new school. There, he will do everything in his power to avoid being mistreated again, and he may even make friends and lead a social life.

Also on Netflix we can see Invasion, a thriller about a married couple who move to a small town and home invasion leaves trauma to a woman who suspects others may not be what they seem, and My Little Pony: A New Generation Rescuing the Children of Old Characters.


In addition, they receive when researching Ivan Marcos and Oscar Casas on the series Jaguaron Netflix featuring Isabelle Garrido during Spain in the 60s and one survivor of the Mauthausen extermination camp… For this reason, this young Spanish woman will try to hunt down hundreds of Nazi refugees in the country after World War II.

Skorzeny is one of the most dangerous people in Europe and Garrido’s main target. But along the way, she realizes that she is not alone in her mission, and joins a group of agents in search of justice. Its code name is Jaguar.

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