Is Olivia Newton-John’s ex-boyfriend dead or alive? The Fishing Mystery of Patrick McDermott


Olivia Newton-Jones the demise left many people heartbroken and others wondered what happened to Patrick McDermotther ex-boyfriend who mysteriously disappeared while fishing in California.

Nine years here and there

Operator Patrick McDermott as well as Olivia Newton-John they were together sporadically for about nine years and then he disappeared while she was in Australia.

Has he been seen in Baja California, Mexico?

as reported, McDermott went fishing in California and was never seen again, and there are many versions suggesting he was lost at sea and others who even claim to have seen him in Baja California, Mexico.

There was a big investigation.

An investigator named John Nazarian told Weekly Magazine his version and what he came up with during the investigation into his disappearance: “There are rumors that he was with a German citizen. I talked to people there. The girl he was traveling with had a German accent.”

It’s ridiculous to think he’s gone

He then added, “Coming to the conclusion that he fell off the boat and supposedly no one saw him fall off the boat is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

McDermott was on the fishing boat Freedom, which departed San Pedro Marina on June 30, 2005 for a fishing expedition.

Olivia Newton-John has died at the age of 73.AP

Nobody saw him jump

There were 22 other passengers on the trip and he was reported missing until a week after he went to sea, Olivia Newton-John reported him missing when he failed to show up at a family function.

Up to the neck in debt

Investigators say McDermott’s trip took place shortly after he filed for bankruptcy because he failed to pay child support from a previous marriage and also had large debts that exceeded $30,000.

Until now, his disappearance remains a mystery, and the versions are contradictory.


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