Is Nicola Peltz copying mother-in-law Victoria Beckham’s style?


B.Rucklyn Beckham and Nicholas Peltz are the “that” couple of 2022, and this couple can’t seem to stay out of the papers.

However, despite rumors of a difficult relationship with the mother-in-law Victoria Beckham, Peltz quite possibly paid homage to her with the last outfit in which she was depicted.

Peltz She recently debuted a new look with her hair dyed a darker shade while she also sported a black headband and sunglasses.

The look was made famous by the Spice Girls star in the early 2000s, though she didn’t necessarily wear headbands regularly until 2008.

Nicholas Peltz also uploaded a photo to her Instagram showing her wearing another pair of sunglasses that looked eerily similar to a pair of Victory worn in Paris back in 1996.

Whether this similarity in style is a coincidence or not is another matter. However, it is a statement that fashion may have its time, but it never completely goes out of style.


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