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Finding true love may actually be due to your body being in sync with your partner, According to researchers from Jerusalem.

According to a recent study published in Scientific Reports, a recent study suggests that shared love interest and sexual attraction on a first date may depend not on fate but on the physical consent of both parties..

“We found that successful dating was characterized by increased galvanic synchrony in the first two minutes,” the researchers said in the published study.

Dr. Shir Atzil from the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who led the research, said in a press release to Fox News: “The connection to our partners depends on our ability to physically synchronize. We focus on the parent-child relationship. Research – We’ve seen the same thing before. »

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The authors said in the published study that the first date leading to mutual love is characterized by increased galvanic synchrony (a measure of changes in the skin’s resistance to electrical current based on sweat gland activity stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system) and coordination. the behavior of.

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The researchers observed 46 heterosexual daters in a 5-minute speed-dating experiment. Using the bracelet, they recorded natural patterns of galvanic activity in the skin.

The team also recorded speed dates and performed video analysis, observing how each person behaved during the date, including movements such as nodding, moving legs and arms. The researchers then calculated the couple’s co-regulation during dating.

Lovers enjoy sunset and sandy beach on river bank in warm embrace. They fell in love and decided to spend a beautiful summer at the beach.

Lovers enjoy sunset and sandy beach on river bank in warm embrace. They fell in love and decided to spend a beautiful summer at the beach.
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After their first date, the couple reportedly weighed each other’s romantic interests and sexual attraction. The authors say that when a man and a woman are highly in sync and tuned in when dating, their romantic and sexual interest in each other is also high.

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The study authors say the findings provide evidence that male sexual and romantic attraction involves social adaptations of the sympathetic nervous system and motor behavior.

The researchers also said the findings suggest that “people who are better at matching their physiology and behavior to their partner during dating are more likely to attract a partner.”

Couple holding hands.

Couple holding hands.

While synchrony predicted attractiveness for both sexes, the degree of synchrony affected males and females differently. According to the study, women were more likely to be attracted to men who displayed high sync, dubbed “super syncers” in the release. The men were highly sought after by their female partners, the statement said.

“Our research shows that behavioral and physiological synchronization can be a useful mechanism for attracting romantic partners,” Atzil said in the statement. “However, we still don’t know whether synchronization increases attraction, or does the feeling of attraction generate the motivation to synchronize?” »

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According to the press release, Atzil plans to investigate the matter.

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