Is Deshawn Watson ready to accept a tougher NFL punishment to avoid a one-year ban?


BUTat least once a day, new up-to-date information on the situation is issued Cleveland Browns defender Deshawn Watsonwho is currently facing a six-game suspension from the regular season and is looking forward to his preseason debut with his new team this Friday when they visit jacksonville jaguars.

The Report: The Punishment Deshaun Watson Is Ready to Take

Goodell: NFL appeal over Watson suspension ‘right thing to do’Hotspot/ESPN

Watson is willing to accept up to an eight-game suspension and a $5 million fine..

Recall that the NFL appealed a six-game suspension proposed by an independent consultant. Sue L. Robinsonand that, according to the Commissioner Roger GoodellIn his own words, the young passer’s actions would have merited more off-field play.

Goodell himself appointed Peter S Harvey to hear the NFL’s appeal which according to multiple reports want Watson to receive at least a full season ban, however they want the short term ban to be permanent so he can’t play preseason and they want the penalty to be higher than Watson would be willing to accept.

Browns quarterback Deshawn Watson suspended for six gamesAP

Watson camp and NFL negotiating?

There is no information yet on whether there are actually behind-the-scenes negotiations between Watson’s legal team and the NFL.

Last March, the Browns acquired Watson in exchange for Houston Texanswho received three first-round picks in return, the Clevelands then signed the quarterback to a five-year, $230 million contract extension, all guaranteed.

Later in the offseason, the Browns traded their starting quarterback from the previous season. Baker Mayfield in the Carolina Panthers.


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