Is chess a sport

Is chess a sport

“Sport is a term defining a large number of physical and even intellectual leisure exercises. Sports are practiced in the form of individual or collective games which may give rise to competitions. “

What is a sport?

“The term” Sport “has its roots in the old French word desport which means” entertainment, physical or mental pleasure “. Crossing the Channel, desport turns into the sport and removes the general notion of leisure from its field to focus on physical activities only. The German language accepts the term sport and its English definition in 1831; France made use of it for the first time in 1828. Thus, since then, sport no longer includes the various board games or games of the mind that were the joy of a Gargantua. The proliferation of sports, which is not new, poses a problem for some. “

  1. Chess is articulated by an associative structure similar to all sports: A Federation (FFE), regional leagues, departmental committees, clubs!
  1. Many competitions are organized throughout the year (see for example the calendar of events of our league)

individual competitions:

    • opens at normal or fast pace organized in general by the clubs
    • marathons
    • departmental championships
    • French championships team
    • by categories
      • youth championships (departmental, regional or national phase)
      • youth clubs (national 1,2,3 youth)
      • school championships (players represent their schools, colleges or high schools)

Team spirit is an element to take into consideration; a team may change division the following year depending on the results obtained at the end of the season.


at all levels of the organization, there are commissions or managers responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of all initiatives:

    • at the level of the federation
      • license management
      • school, academics, competition, club correspondents, etc …
      • disciplinary committees,
      • arbitration commissions,
    • at the level of leagues
    • at club and CDJE level
  1. Chess was recognized as a sport by the ministry at the beginning of 2000 after a battle for several years by the governing bodies of the French Chess Federation.
  1. the cadences of games (the players’ reflection time is limited using pendulums) in competitions the usual cadence adopted are most often:
  1. the experience: The more you play chess, the better you can play! Finally, in principle [ 1 ] … because we often retain our own mistakes by replaying our game, so understand what to avoid doing for the next game! 🙂 – Memorization and anticipation effort
  1. preparation: Yes, a good chess player prepares before playing his part in the competition. Indeed, in the white, it is desirable to prepare against his opponent of the day by studying his opening game. A bad choice in the development of his pieces at the beginning of the game can compromise the result of the whole game! There is therefore a learning effort to be made.

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