Is anyone going to get tired of Biden’s lies?


The most blatant lies about everything have become commonplace.

I’m not talking about conservatives here. Or the lies about gas prices, child sexual abuse, or democracy.

The most blatant lies about everything have become commonplace. Take Biden’s push to make South Carolina the first Democratic primary state.

There is a reason and everyone knows what it is.

Rep. Clyburn can hand over the black vote, meaning the Democratic primary, to Biden. He did it this time, he’s almost committed to doing it again. Putting SC first on the primary calendar is an instant win for Biden. Sending out Iowa would prevent a humiliating loss from the start. Everyone knows why Biden is doing it.

And by lying about it, the Biden White House is insulting the media and his own party.

The White House is rejecting the notion that a change championed by President Biden to elevate South Carolina on the 2024 election calendar is rewarding a state that surged its campaign in 2020, arguing that the move is a way to promote voices. diverse in the first Democratic primaries. .

Those “diverse voices” turn out to be the ones that favor him. That is also the reason why Bernie’s people are fighting SC as the first choice. Neither of the two old white hackers cares about diversity. They are reshaping their own electorate just as they are reshaping the national electorate. And they insist on lying about it.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre this week pushed back on the idea that the move is a way to reward South Carolina for Biden’s victory there.

“That’s not what it is,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “It had nothing to do with the primary results. And I can definitely say that.”

Definitely. Any serious journalist would have laughed out loud.

Karine Jean-Pierre is lying. Everyone knows that she is lying. And yet, the same media outlets that yell Republican lies won’t. No fact checker will jump on this. The media have learned to love Biden’s lies. And the penalty for accepting lies is to be fooled by them to ruin.


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