IRS Tax Refund: Where Can I Cash Tax Refund Checks?


IIt’s a brilliant feeling to receive a large tax refund check in the mail from the US Department of the Treasury. But not everyone knows how to actually cash it out.

Here in this guide we will guide you through the places Where can I cash my tax refund checks?.

Cashing tax refund checks at banks

First, we have banks. If you already have a bank account, your bank will cash your tax refund checks free of charge.

If you don’t have a bank account, you can still cash a check at any bank, and some banks charge a small service fee because you’re not a customer.

The exact amount depends on the bank itself, but these fees usually do not exceed $10.

Cashing tax refund checks at check cashing companies

Second, check cashing businesses. These businesses charge a fee for their services, and the fee depends on the value of the check.

The fee can be a percentage of the check, or a flat fee for certain amounts that increases gradually for larger amounts.

Many smaller grocery stores also offer this service, as well as convenience stores.

Cashing tax refund checks at major retail chains

A number of large retailers also offer check cashing services, such as Wal-Mart and Publix.

These stores often charge significantly less fees than you would have to pay at check cashing companies.

Some waive commissions altogether if you make a purchase in a store and then use a check to pay.

Cashing tax refund checks with prepaid cards

With prepaid cards, you can get them instead of cash when you cash your tax refund check.

However, these cards are not tied to an account (unlike bank debit cards), so there is no protection in case it is stolen and you can only spend the amount of money you have loaded.

These cards are available in a number of places, such as retail stores and convenience stores.


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