“Irresponsible Dirty”: Boris Johnson criticizes environmentalists for cutting highways


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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dedicated the nickname “irresponsible dirty” to protesters against climate change in recent days They staged a protest on the highway and disrupted the traffic From different locations in the southeast of England.

Johnson claimed that “Insulate Britain” activists called for energy efficiency, “They caused considerable damage to the economy” As he cut the track, he made a statement to LBC Radio (North English) during the Conservative Party Annual Congress in Manchester, where he will deliver a speech on Wednesday.

The British prime minister who often brags about defending personal rights and civil liberties argued that “they are not legitimate protesters” but “irresponsible and dirty people”. They try to prevent people from doing their daily work“.

The head of government paved the way for Priti Patel, the Minister of the Interior, who will announce a Severe penalties and fines Used to cut off highways and interfere with roads and trains.

The United Kingdom will host from November 1-12 United Nations Climate Change Summit COP26, Among them, leaders from all over the world will try to reach agreement on measures to limit global warming.


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