Ironically, Elon Musk can get Twitter funds from countries where speech is suppressed.


TI have the latest report on Elona Musk Buying on Twitter is further proof that we all need to learn how to choose our heroes’ looks carefully. For years, this billionaire boasted of his defense of free speech, which he crowned with the inevitable purchase of the world’s largest information platform.

But a Buzzfeed report suggests that the funds Elon is providing for the purchase are coming from countries that are currently on the list of countries that actively suppress free speech. That’s right, the very concept of “dad”, which Elon is allegedly trying to protect. Musk deployed every resource he could to come up with a $44 billion offer that eventually convinced Twitter that selling the platform was the best idea.

A plot twist that Elon never foresaw.

This is where Elon Musk gets damn interesting in his attempt to “defend” freedom of speech. According to Buzzfeed, the funds he’s trying to get come from two countries that are known for openly restricting free speech for decades.

These countries are none other than Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In addition, these countries are known for other retrograde philosophies such as their rejection of the LGBT community and their historical mistreatment of women. In fact, these two nations are the worst examples of how basic human rights can be protected.

The SEC, one of Elon Musk’s worst enemies, released a document that exposed the billionaire’s financiers. These include Saudi princes Al-Waleed bin Talal and Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. On the one hand, the country that is about to host the next World Cup has a law that sentences people to five years in prison if the government thinks they are spreading misinformation.

Saudi Arabia openly arrests government critics and sometimes even kills them. According to the World Press Freedom Index, Saudi Arabia is ranked 166 out of 180 on the list. Qatar is ranked 119th. This information comes directly from Reporters Without Borders.


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