Irene Rosales, two years fighting against all odds


On November 26, 2020, something went off in the life of Irene Rosales. That day he lost one of the references of his life. His father breathed his last after seeing how his health was gradually weakening. At that time, she did not know it, but she was experiencing a series of adverse circumstances that forced her to establish a strong character and put on a bomb-proof armor. It so happens that above her all the misfortunes have been foreign to her. However, with a lot of tenacity, courage, love and patience, she has managed to get ahead.

Irene Rosales leaving the hospital / Gtres

The Sevillian was very attached to the figure of her father. Manuel Rosales, but the truth is that his condition was critical since he suffered a work accident: “My father fell working and what he has is a brain tumor. She has been with him for 16 years. To this day he is a champion, a fighter. He is not one hundred percent aware of what is happening, so to speak, he is not happy. He is not a person who can fend for himself one hundred percent, but he is with us, he recounted in the GH VIP life curve ». That’s how she talked about him before the sad outcome she had.

Irene’s mood was already touched because only three months before she had seen die to his mother. A blow from which it was difficult for him to recover and it is that at that time he was in a very delicate moment with Kiko Rivera, with the shadow of disloyalties planning for the marriage. Later, she confessed that she “would not forgive him again in case of another infidelity. One hundred percent no. The latter I forgave him because I was in a weak moment due to the death of my mother and because I saw a lot in him, but I am very strong now.”

Precisely, that strength is the one that she has found -she has not had any other choice- to be like a guardian angel by the side of her husband and father of her two daughters. Irene Rosales has been Kiko Rivera’s best support throughout the cold war that she has maintained (and maintains) with her mother, Isabel Pantoja. Also with the conflicts that she has faced with her cousin, Anabel Pantoja and her sister, Isa Pi.

Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales / Gtres
Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales, at the doors of their house / Gtres

Too much drama in too little time. But life had another test prepared for him, another test of his resilience and in this case it was going to be a very serious warning. Last October, Kiko Rivera suffered a stroke that sent him straight to the emergency room. For moments he feared the worst but finally the Andalusian came out unharmed and with a well-established purpose of vital amendment. Once again, the one who was there supporting him was Irene Rosales, a true warrior of a thousand and one battles.


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