Irene Rosales shields the reunion between Cayetano Rivera and Eva González


Monday has started in a totally unexpected way as far as love is concerned. And it is that, in The Ana Rosa Program It has been revealed that, during this same weekend, Cayetano Rivera would have had a meeting with Eva González and her son common in the house they shared before their notorious marital crisis, located in Mairena de Alcor. Information that has set off alarms, especially considering that there are two options: a reconciliation between them, or the beginning of a new life separately that they already seem to have started without giving any public explanation.

Eva González and Cayetano Rivera in Seville / Gtres

Those who do not seem to want to say anything about it are those closest to the bullfighter. So much so, that during this morning, the cameras of Gtres have found his sister-in-law, Irene Rosales, walking through Seville. An occasion when Kiko Rivera’s wife has not wanted to say a single word about the separation between the DJ’s brother and the presenter of MasterChef, although it seems to be already an open secret. As if that were not enough, the former collaborator has remained hermetic, at all times, to some questions that have had to do with the controversy of the concerts for America of Isabel Pantoja and the recent death of a friend of the interpreter of That’s how I am, thus demonstrating that she has no intention of talking about her private life or anything that concerns her husband or his loved ones.

Irene Rosales
Irene Rosales leaving the hospital / Gtres

In this way, The idea of ​​separation between the right-hander and the one who was Miss Spain in 2003 is still up in the air, even more so knowing that they are no longer easily seen together, having kicked off a new solo stage until love knocks on their respective doors again. However, none of them wanted to confirm or deny the news, so there may be the possibility that they take a step back and resume their romance, although we will have to wait to find out.

Just a few days ago, it was her own Eva Gonzalez who broke the schemes of all the media by being captured with a bouquet of red roses in her hands, which could mean a declaration of intent by Cayetano. But the truth is that the bullfighter He did not want to allude to that romantic movement, just like his still wife, fleeing from the press when they referred to these flowers and leaving even more in the air an unknown that seems not going to be cleared up in a short period of time .

Cayetano Rivera and Eva González / Gtres
Cayetano Rivera and Eva González / Gtres

Meanwhile, Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales remain closer than ever after the tonadillera’s son’s stroke, having formed an apparently unbreakable tandem willing to overcome any adversity that life puts in their respective paths, and increasingly further away from the Pantoja clan .


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