Irene Montero’s law allows two attackers in the group to be released from prison


The two prisoners who were freed by the court of the Balearic Islands under the law of “only yes is yes” of Irene Montero participated in 2016 in a gang rape on Halloween night, and for whomthey accepted in 2020 three years in prison. The reason they were released is that no penetration occurredcircumstance punished in the new code by a maximum of two years in prison.

The events occurred when a woman who had consumed a large amount of alcohol was brought into a car by three people, two men and a woman. There they took off her clothes and groped her, terminate one of them for carrying out the rape. The other two, a man and a woman, left the scene of the crime before this moment, so that they cannot be charged with the aggravating circumstance of penetration, which meant for the third accused a six-year sentence he is currently serving.

The two accused had served two years and one month of the sentenceso this review means almost one less year in prison.

As OKBALEARES reported yesterday, the Spectators the Balearic Islands ordered the Release immediate response from two prisoners who They were serving a three-year prison sentence. by two sexual assault without penetration, after examining two cases affected by the new Organic Law 10/2022, of September 6, known as the right of only yes is yes of the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, approved by the government of Pedro Sánchez.

Specifically, the Second Section of the Provincial Court agreed to the Release, “Without prejudice to the deliberation and decision adopted by the Superior Court of the Balearic Islands in this regard”, as reported by the communication office of the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands.

This decision is made after receipt of a Mallorca Penitentiary Center Report and saw the public prosecutor’s report. The Court found in both cases that, under the new legislation, cannot exceed the imposed sentence of two years, and, therefore, the sentence would be carried out with a view to the liquidation of the sentence.


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