Irene Montero finances the reprinting of Pasionaria’s memoirs with public money.


Ministry of Equality, which leads the Irene Montero will allocate an amount of almost 15,000 euros for the reprint of the memoirs Dolores Ibarruri (1895-1989), better known as passionflower. In particular, according to published popular voicethe amount of public money is 14,876 euros, and this figure is not required, since it is considered a minor contract, justifying the payment report.

It is amazing that Equal Rights considers it necessary to republish the memoirs of such a gloomy character, one of Stalin’s greatest publicists –the greatest genocide of mankind. Not forgetting, among other shadows, that supported the partition of Poland between Nazi Germany D Soviet Union.

“Passion Flower” completely ignored the fate of Spanish children and exiles in Moscow and lived like a king, neighbor and friend of Caridad Mercader, mother of Ramon and accomplice in the assassination of Trotsky, together with Margarita Nelken and other Spaniards of Stalin in Mexico, recalls Federico Jimenez Losantos in one of his articles.

General Secretary and President Communist Party of Spain, was elected deputy to the Cortes in February 1936. In June of the same year, at the headquarters of the Parliament, she demanded that all political opposition and businessmen be imprisoned. He is also credited with the phrase: “this man spoke for the last time”, referring to the leader of CEDA, Jose Calvo Sotelowho was killed on July 13, a month later.

It’s not the first time Montero shows his personal admiration passionflower. In October 2021, he, along with his daughter Dolores Ibarruri, participated in the presentation of the book. They don’t pass! “She was a journalist, a mother, an MP, but above all Dolores Ibarruri, passionflowerwas eternally belligerent,” he said at the time.



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