Iran’s Khamenei mocks ‘old drug’ and ‘this insane poor incumbent guy’


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His country is in crisis, with its citizens everywhere calling for an end to his vicious and inhumane regime, but Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, still found time to offer a scathing analysis of the American political scene. , which includes acid characterizations of Donald Trump and Old Joe Biden. He also led loyal crowds in chants of “Death to America.” Meanwhile, Biden’s handlers reiterated that they were yet hoping to conclude a new nuclear deal with the mullahs. Yes, they are that crazy.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday that “Khamenei’s comments come as the Biden administration said this week it is still interested in reaching a nuclear deal with Iran, despite a reported deadlock in negotiations and an ongoing violent crackdown.” of the Iranian government against anti-government protests across the country. .”

This is even as Khamenei, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), claimed that the US and the West simply could not bear to see the Islamic Republic prosper:

The problem that the West and the arrogant [U.S.] we have with the Islamic Republic is that it is advancing and flourishing. Everyone has seen this breakthrough and is recognizing it. This is intolerable and unbearable for the West. Their problem is that Iran is advancing. If we hadn’t made any progress, if we hadn’t demonstrated a strong presence in the region, if our voices hadn’t trembled in the face of the United States and the arrogant [West]and if we had been willing to accept their bullying and aggression, then all this pressure [on Iran] would have subsidized Obviously, in such a case, they would have come here and taken over, but the sanctions, the pressure, etc., would have lessened.

It takes a particular kind of chutzpah to say such a thing while the Iranian people are protesting the regime in part because it squandered the billions Obama poured on international terrorism instead of spending it on its own people. Surely, even Khamenei must be starting to realize, after all these weeks of protests, that a large segment of his own people are no longer buying his hoaxes, but he still went ahead. It takes even more nerve to say this in light of the fact that the nuclear deal that Biden’s handlers desperately want to conclude with the Islamic Republic would immediately net him $7 billion, with many more to come. However, Khamenei apparently hopes that his people believe that the United States does not want Iran to prosper. Actually, he may be right about that: Biden’s handlers don’t seem to want to see the Iranian people prosper, only the mullahs.

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