Iranian police sow chaos in Tehran: open fire in the subway and beat up unveiled women


iranian police opened fire against several people in a metro station in Tehran and beat up the women who were not wearing veils. This new scene of repression occurs when the two months from the beginning of the protests for the death of Mahsa Aminithe 22-year-old Iranian girl who died in police custody on September 16.

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Images shared on social media show passengers running towards the exits after police fired shots on the platform. many of those who were there they fell to the ground and were trampled. Likewise, the recordings show how a police officer walks inside the train and beats several women with a baton.

The demonstrations intensified on Tuesday, after calling for three days of action to commemorate the “Bloody November” 2019, when hundreds of people died during protests against rising fuel prices.

“We will fight! We will die! We will take Iran back!” Dozens of protesters proclaim around a bonfire on a Tehran street, as can be seen in a video posted on Twitter.

likewise, also images of people singing and setting fire to handkerchiefs on the head in subway stations. Metro stations and public transportation, often patrolled by the morality police, had become a site of state violence and surveillance of the citizenry.

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The agency France-Presse reported that six people had been killed across the country in overnight clashes. For his part, state media said that at least five people They had been killed in what they described as a terrorist attack on a market in the city of Izehin the southwestern province of Khuzestan.



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