Iran: Islamic Regime Sees Venezuela As Sanctuary For Fallen Leaders


The alliance between Iran and Venezuela has been building for some time. Yet this important strategic relationship continues to be ignored in the mainstream media.

With the revolution in Iran showing no signs of abating but growing stronger, many Iranian leaders now view Venezuela as a safe haven.

The Islamic Republic not only has international friends, it also has a complex network of proxies operating within Western countries. If the regime falls, it could possibly regroup and rebuild, thanks in part to the financial benefits that arose from the disastrous 2015 nuclear deal that saw more than $100 billion flow into the Islamic Republic’s coffers.

However, the Trump administration blocked the Islamic regime to some extent with new sanctions.

The Iranian regime is likely to expand its international reach in the coming weeks, in an attempt to bolster its position.

“Exclusive: Iranian Regime Eyeing Venezuela As Sanctuary For Leaders”, Iran International, December 7, 2022:

Worried about their fate in the event of a revolution in Iran, Islamic Republic officials have begun seeking safe havens, especially Venezuela, their close ally.

Western diplomatic sources told Iran International that the Islamic Republic has begun negotiations with its Venezuelan allies to ensure that they offer asylum to regime officials and their families in case the situation worsens and the possibility of regime change increases.

According to these sources, a delegation of four high-ranking officials of the regime visited Venezuela in mid-October to negotiate that the Caracas government grant asylum to high-ranking officials and their families in case “the unfortunate incident” occurs.

In early November, an unidentified source at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport told Kayhan-London that three flights a day with “a considerable amount of cargo” were taking off for Venezuela, adding that “these people take their bags in hours, with fewer passengers and flights. This started about two weeks ago and we see these movements about two or three times a day.”

“At first, my colleagues and I thought they were embassy employees, but we realized that their car registration plates did not belong to any embassy. We don’t know what they are moving, and if they are leaving the country with all the luggage or not. Because they won’t let us examine closely. We only know that in the last few weeks, every day there are three or four flights to Venezuela,” the source said.

According to another report on the UK’s Daily Express website in October, senior Islamic Republic officials were allegedly trying to obtain British passports for their families to leave the country amid the uprising against the regime following the death of Mahsa Amini, a young man. 22 years old. year-old woman who was murdered in police custody in September.

Citing an unnamed Iranian source, the Daily Express also claimed that officials have been chartering up to “five flights a day” for their families, adding that some sections of “Tehran’s main airport” have been taken over as a via area. quickly for their families. own family and friends to escape the country…..


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