Iran. Hanged in public after anti-veil protests


Majid Reza Rahnavard was publicly hanged this morning in Mashahd (the Shiite religious city of). sentenced to death forwage war against god“after stabbing two members of the security forces to death. So it was reported from the official page mizanmanaged by the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran of the execution of a 23-year-old boy after accusing him of killing two members of the security forces during protests against the veil in Iran, foraccusation impossible to verify by independent bodies. This is the second public execution with the intention of educating the rest of the activists who have been protesting for months against oppression in Iran, a country that is expanding its area of ​​influence through the publication of Hispan TVin Spain and Latin America, where Pablo Iglesiasof canpresented the space Fort Apache.

A hanging that took place despite national and international protests against the execution of the first protester, Mohsen Shekarion December 8, accused of hurt a security guard of the government and block a street. Protests across the country, in their third month, have erupted over the killing of Mahsa Aminia 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman, on September 16, in the custody of the vice squad which enforced strict dress code laws. The protests have turned into a popular revolt by Iranians from all walks of life, posing one of the worst challenges to the legitimacy of the clerical leadership since the 1979 revolution. Some protests about which can He kept a resounding silence, which contrasts with his supposed defense of freedoms and rights in Spain. Far from defending the group of women and demonstrators who risk their lives in the streets of Iran in the fight for rights, in particular the non-wearing of the veil, waged in Spain for decades, they participate in the culture of use of the veil within Spanish borders.

In this way, the Iranian government used thousands of regular and irregular armed forces to suppress the protests, delivering severe beatings, firing shotguns that killed or blinded hundreds of people, and even military weapons, as we have seen in communist countries like Venezuela That is Cubaalso linked to Podemos by its ideology. United States and many European institutions have already strongly condemned the first execution. Meanwhile, Iranians living in Europe demanded that the European Union and its members to take tougher measures against the Islamic Republic, including severing diplomatic relations and closing embassies. Various human rights groups have claimed that Shekari was tortured and forced to confess. Meanwhile, he also criticized the fact that all trials of detained protesters are being held behind closed doors and without procedural safeguards, including the right of defendants to have their own lawyers.

Amnesty International said the Iranian authorities had requested the death sentence for at least 21 peoplein what he described as “mock trials designed to intimidate those taking part in the popular uprising that has rocked Iran.” Human rights group Hrana said it has at least 488 protesters dead, 68 two minors, and 18,259 protesters were arrested


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