Iran builds hypersonic ballistic missiles capable of bypassing defenses


Iran builds hypersonic ballistic missiles, Ability to bypass missile defense systemsThe head of the Revolutionary Guard Aerospace Forces, Amir Khayzad, reported on Thursday that the international community had expressed concern over the supply of drones to Moscow to be used against Ukraine.

Hayizadeh said, “This new missile will pass through all missile defense systems I don’t think there will be technology to deal with it for decades,” Iran’s local Fars news agency reported. “This missile, aimed at enemy anti-missile systems, is a great generational leap in the field of missiles,” Haizadeh stressed.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, who arrived in Tehran for security consultations, met with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamjani and with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi.

Iran concedes Nov. 5 after months of rejection Delivering ‘limited’ number of drones to Russiaas Ukrainian authorities have been condemning, but he pledged to hand it over to them before Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine begins.

British chain sky newsCiting security sources, Russia handed over dozens of drones to Iran in August, and the missiles fell into Russian hands in Ukraine. 140 million euros in cash.

The missiles delivered to Iran were British NLAW and American Javelin anti-tank variants, as well as American Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, which were part of British and American military equipment shipments to Iran The Ukrainian army and ‘falling into Russian hands’.

With the missiles, Tehran could study their designs and “reverse engineer” them to replicate them, the British network said.

In return, sources consulted by Sky News Guarantee Iran to hand over 160 drones to Russia (drone), including a hundred Shahed-136 models, dubbed “suicide drones”, adding that Moscow and Tehran had reached a new agreement “in recent days” that will provide more 200 million worth of Euro drone.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky assures his troops will shoot down “At least ten Iranian drones per day”while Ukraine’s military intelligence service said Tuesday that parts of some of the downed planes indicated they were made when the Russian invasion had already begun.



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