Iran: 326 dead, 15,000 arrested; Security forces open fire on protesters at Tehran metro station


As time passes and the news cycle changes, the protesters in Iran remain determined and are paying a heavy price by risking their lives in their fight for freedom. Iranian regime forces opened fire on protesters at the Tehran metro station while it was packed with people. The incident was captured on this video:

No one can say for sure what has happened to the 15,000 protesters who have been arrested, or what the actual death toll is. Meanwhile, reports are circulating that “terrorist elements” also opened fire on the protesters, killing five. The Iranian regime is a “terrorist element” itself. Although Islamic State is the alleged implicit “terrorist element,” the perpetrators may well have been Iranian regime actors.

“Iranian security forces open fire at Tehran metro station amid ongoing protests”, WION, November 17, 2022:

The situation in Iran escalated once again on Wednesday when security forces opened fire on protesters at a Tehran metro station. Videos and images shared on social media showed forces attacking protesters who had gathered to protest the death in custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, even beating women who did not wear the mandatory hair in public.

The videos showed that the metro station was packed with people – some of whom were protesting Amini’s death – and the forces ended up beating them with batons and sticks.

The protests have intensified in recent days as it is the third anniversary of “Bloody November” when several protesters were killed in Iran for protesting against fuel prices.

Amini was detained by the moral police for not wearing the hijab in public and was later found dead with signs of head and body trauma. The death sparked mass protests across the country, with women going out in public to burn hijabs and cut their hair as a sign of rebellion.

Following the protests, the Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights said 326 people have been killed so far and more than 15,000 protesters have been arrested for displaying their dissent in public…


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