iPad 10.9 (2022): design, performance, features and more


The 10th-generation iPad (iPad 10.9) is an excellent tablet in many ways, with a gorgeous design, smart webcam, fantastic cameras, and 5G.

However, such upgrades come at a cost and are no longer affordable for the budget market. Meanwhile, its two-year-old processor and unlaminated screen make it unsuitable for the mid-market.

iPad 10.9 (2022) design


This year’s iPad ditch the massive bezels and home buttons of previous generations in favor of an all-screen look with slim bezels. There is no longer a home button. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is now integrated into the power button on the top bezel.

It’s easy to use no matter how you use iPad (2022), and it’s as fast and reliable as you’d expect. The new shape also allows for a better horizontal two-speaker system. Audio is loud and clear when holding the iPad horizontally, and it now fires through the left and right edges.

The iPad generally needs vibrant colors. From the beginning, the iPad Pro has only been available in two colors, space gray and silver, and the iPad (2021) was no exception.

The iPad 10.9 (2022) is also available in white, pink, blue, and yellow. All these colors are vivid, saturated and dazzling. The pink color is equally impressive. Even if you use a case to cover your iPad, Smart Folio cases for iPad (2022) precisely complement the colors. Removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPad (2022) is a less desirable change.

Price and availability

iPad 10.9

The base iPad, sometimes known as the “everyone’s iPad,” costs $449. At the time, $499 seemed like a great deal for such an innovative wearable with a giant screen. It is available at Apple Stores around the world.


If you want to process video or do more intensive work on an iPad, you should get the latest iPad Pro with the M2 processor.

It’s absurd that Apple only provides 64 GB of storage in the lowest iPad device. You’ll need more than 64GB in 2022, which surely won’t be enough if you intend to keep this tablet for at least five years. The 64GB will quickly fill up with downloaded apps, photos, and other stuff. You must purchase 256GB, but this raises the already high price.

The camera of the iPad 10.9 (2022)

iPad 10.9

iPad 10.9 (2022) features a new 12MP widescreen camera with f/1.8 aperture and Smart HDR 3 image processing.

It’s a significant boost over the 8MP camera on the previous iPad, putting it on par with that of the iPad Air (2022). The iPad (2022) is unlikely to be your favorite photo device, but the results will be satisfying if you panic and need to take a photo.

The photographs appear to have good color and detail when viewed alone. Camera quality is still average, but the up-to-date location is a significant bonus if you frequently make video calls from your iPad.

Battery duration

iPad 10.9

The iPad has a 28.6 Wh battery, which Apple says is adequate for up to 10 hours of Wi-Fi web browsing or nine hours of cellular data, if applicable.

Plus, when the battery runs low, the USB-C connector makes charging the iPad (2022) much more manageable than its predecessor. Apple even provides a braided USB-C cable and 20-watt power adapter in the box.


There must be a part of the market for whom the ninth generation is too basic, and the Air must be more expensive, but it cannot be significant. Given the perplexing nature of this ambiguous and overlapping range, it’s not easy to see how people in the subsection will pick up on it.


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